You Can Snag This Space-Saving Under Desk on Amazon & Level-Up Your WFH Life

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I’m no stranger to a bike desk — having fallen in love with my silly little WFH hamster wheel more than a year ago. But my one gripe, if I have to name one, is that my bike desk is large. She takes up an entire corner of space and isn’t particularly easy to break down and hide away when it’s not in use. While this isn’t really the biggest issue in the world for me, my friends in apartments or smaller spaces have said that the only thing keeping them from getting on board the at-home hamster wheel train is their reluctance to surrender any more precious living space to clunky, large exercise equipment (and, like, fair enough.)

So if the space-saving considerations are holding you back from realizing your full workout potential while hanging at your desk or watching TV, this smaller under-desk model from DeskCycle is what you’ve been waiting for.


Measuring small and compact, it can slide under desks as low as 27 inches and is fairly light-weight (23lbs) and portable — so you can even bring it to your office, if you’re back into that sort of thing.

Smooth and quiet, you can get your pedal on during even your most dry meetings without making too much noise and offers eight resistance settings to comfortably give you a bit more action than your standing desk could. And if you’ve been feeling a bit sluggish and like you need to revamp your relationship to movement in your everyday life, I can attest that having the option to absentmindedly bike (sorta) is a real game-changer.

Compared to competitors it’s also a bit gentler price-wise, clocking in at $189 — so in addition to saving the space in your kitchen, dining room, office or bedroom you’ll also be saving some much needed cash. Win/win.

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