Wyoming: Latest updates on Coronavirus

Coronavirus in the US: Map & cases 

What are the symptoms? 

How deadly is the new coronavirus? 

How long does virus last on surfaces? 

Is there a cure for COVID-19? 

How does it compare with seasonal flu? 

How does the coronavirus spread? 

Can people spread the coronavirus after they recover?

Wyoming has three cases of coronavirus. 

The first one was reported on March 11, in Sheridan County. The second case was confirmed in a hospitalized older adult male on March 13 in Fremont County and the third case is in an adult male in Sheridan County who is linked to the first case in that county. 

The Wyoming Department of Health is closely monitoring the situation but states that “the risk to most Wyoming residents remains low at this time.” 

On Sunday, March 15, Gov. Mark Gordon and State Superintendent Jillian Balow recommended that all school close to students through at least April 3, but local superintendents and school boards would make the final decision.  

Cases by county: 

  • Fremont: 1
  • Sheridan: 2

Coronavirus in the US: Map, case counts and news

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