Woman writes chilling Facebook Post to warn of dangerous disease

With a Facebook Post by a 25-year-old irishwoman would like to make the female Internet community to the risk of a dangerous disease to the attention of. In the article, the young woman describes not only their suffering, but also the most important symptoms to watch out for.

Cervical cancer, it brings more commonly linked with women of advanced age in connection. The disease can also threaten from a young age, made a 25-Year-old, when a year ago, of the insidious cancer was diagnosed, now with a much-publicized Facebook Post clearly. In addition, the British &quot reported, among other things;Independent".

In your post on Facebook, the woman writes from the Irish of Tipperary, that their health problems would have started with abnormal bleeding. In Particular, between your period and after intercourse.

Her doctor told her to but merely, you should come up with 25 again. "At the age of 24, I was not entitled to a free smear and, thus, the early changes in the cells were detected in my uterus." Only 25 will be accepted in Ireland such cancer screening in women by the health insurance, the report says.

Cancer fortunately could be removed

After you have your doctor back home of the skillful, thought the 25-Year-old that everything would have to be largely in order. It was only when the bleeding got worse, have you visited your doctor again, to which I have referred you to a gynaecologist, describes the woman in the disease course.


The specialist noted, finally, cancer of the cervix in the first stage, reported the "Independent" with reference to the Facebook Post of the woman. Since the cancer was limited fortunately, is still on the cervix, could this be in the context of an Operation successfully removed, it means more.

It was the most dramatic and emotionally painful experience in your life, describes the Irish their time of suffering in the Post on the social network. Since she was of the firm Belief that no one should do the same by, lists the 25-Year-old in your Post, some of the symptoms, which had to have their gender inside the attention.

For example, an unusually heavy bleeding that occurs during or between the period or after intercourse could be, as a possible indication of count. Foul-smelling vaginal discharge is equally to be understood as a potential warning to such as pain in the pelvic area or discomfort during Sex, the 25-Year-old on your Facebook page.

British health service called for more symptoms

According to information from the British National Health Service (NHS) and other typical signs of a possible cervical-disease call. Including constipation, loss of appetite, blood in urine and weight loss fall about.

The Facebook Post of the mitterlweile healed a woman undergoes in the network is quite resonant. More than 3000 Times this has been shared already, and especially the Users of the 25-Year-old for your open words and insightful advice.