Woman, 28, is left flat-chested 'following botched surgery in Turkey'

Woman, 28, is left flat-chested and with severe scarring on her breasts ‘following botched surgery to give her implants at a cut-price clinic in Turkey’

  • Zara Rodriguez travelled to Istanbul for breast enlargement and a tummy tuck
  • But she claims to have rapidly gone downhill once returning home
  • Her left breast became infected and leaked pus from the incision, causing pain
  • In November, she had the implants removed at Bath Royal United Hospital

A woman has been left flat-chested and with scarring on her breasts after claiming to have botched plastic surgery in Turkey. 

Zara Rodriguez, 28, who hated her body, travelled to Istanbul to get breast implants and a tummy tuck at a cut-price clinic in August last year.

But back home in Wiltshire after the seven-hour operation, the barber’s left implant began to leak fluid from an infection and her right breast was drooping.

The clinic offered to fix Ms Rodriguez’s implants, after she posted gruesome photos showing the state of her breasts after surgery on social media.  

However, her implants once again began leaking fluid when she returned home, at which point the clinic allegedly stopped returning her calls. 

On November 22, Ms Rodriguez had both her implants removed at Bath Royal United Hospital, leaving her with ‘zero breast tissue’ and low self-esteem.

Now Ms Rodriguez, from Trowbridge, says she will have to save another £5,000 to undergo corrective surgery in the UK.

Zara Rodriguez, 28, has been left flat-chested and with severe scarring on her breasts after claiming to have botched plastic surgery in Turkey. She is pictured before her surgery

On November 22, Ms Rodriguez was admitted to Bath Royal United Hospital, where both of her implants were removed (pictured). She is now flat-chested

Ms Rodriguez said her implants began to leak from the incision under her left breast due to an infection and her right breast drooped. She is pictured soon after surgery

Ms Rodriguez is pictured there connected to wires which collect fluid from her body after the liposuction. She booked a holiday package in Turkey

Ms Rodriguez said: ‘I have been left completely flat chested with zero per cent breast tissue and deep scars that run across my chest.

‘I am 28 years old and have been left mentally and physically battered.

‘All I want now is to save anyone else from going abroad and beg anyone who may be thinking of going to really reconsider it.

‘I wish I had just saved the extra few thousand and had it done over here. If you’ve had surgery and feel that something is wrong, get checked.

‘I never want to see anyone go through what I’ve had to these past few months.’

Ms Rodriguez said she heavily researched where to go for surgery before deciding on a holiday package in Turkey.

She said: ‘I’ve always wanted breast implants for most of my life after I developed a hatred for my body.

‘After researching my options, I booked breast implants with an uplift, as well as a tummy tuck.’ 

It is unclear what size her breasts were before, or after getting implants.

Ms Rodriguez said she was initially pleased with her results, but was shocked at the aftercare she received.

She said: ‘When I first woke up from the original seven hour operation, the nurses tried to get me up and out of bed walking but it took three attempts, each time failing due to feeling lightheaded.

Ms Rodriguez, whose flat chest is pictured, said: ‘I am have been left mentally and physically battered’

Ms Rodriguez suffered a hematoma – blood clotted underneath the skin – on her left breast and had to get rushed back into surgery to sort the problem. Her breasts are pictured after surgery

An infection under her left breast caused pus to leak out the incision (pictured)

‘When I awoke I found out I had a hematoma – blood clotted underneath the skin – on my left breast and had to get rushed back into surgery to sort the problem.

‘At first I thought nothing of it and just put it down to a big operation.

‘Yet at home, I noticed my incision on my left breast wasn’t healing properly which I found out was because I had developed an infection.

‘After visiting the doctors every few days for check-ups and to have it redressed, it started to get worse and more painful.’

Ms Rodriguez claims she continued to text the company for advice, informing them that her right breast was also severely drooping below the incision wound.

Yet she says the clinic claimed ‘it was normal’, and to merely ‘massage them’. But Ms Rodriguez claims the pain became worse. 

Ms Rodriguez claims the clinic asked her to delete images on social media and return for corrective surgery in October 2017, which she agreed to. Pictured, the pus on her breast

The breast implants once again began leaking fluid when Ms Rodriguez returned home from ‘corrective surgery’ at the clinic

Ms Rodriguez was initially happy with her new breasts but appalled with the aftercare at the clinic

‘I was scared and afraid and so I posted photos on my Instagram to share my situation.

‘But then the company rang me to tell me to fly back and they would fix it for me for free, as long as I deleted the photos. 

‘I naively agreed and apologised for posting them, arranging to fly back in October.’

The morning after arriving at the clinic, Ms Rodriguez had her left implant removed and replaced and her right implant lifted.

She said: ‘I was so happy and excited to finally be able to enjoy my new breasts, but this was short lived once again – when I was home my breast started leaking and I began to panic.

‘That was when I continue to message for advice, and I began to get ignored.

‘I posted the photos, but then [the clinic] went on to block me. Still to this day, they’ve continued to ignore me.’

On November 22, Ms Rodriguez was admitted to Bath Royal United Hospital, where both of her implants were removed.  


Plastic surgery abroad can be tempting because it is often cheaper than the UK. 

But patients must weigh up the risks of travelling far from home for surgery. Surgery in any part of the world, including the UK, has it’s risks. But abroad, there safety standards may not be as high.

Recovery may be more difficult in an environment where there is more sun and the patient is not in the comfort of their own home. They may rush back to the UK without resting, which is a risk for complications. 

It is not recommended to fly for five to seven days after a breast surgery and liposuction, or seven to ten days after facial cosmetic procedures or tummy tucks, the NHS says.

This is because the patient needs to rest, but also there is a risk of blood clots, called deep-vein thrombosis (DVT) or pulmonary embolism (PE), with long-haul flights.

The NHS warns people in Britain to consider these things before having treatment abroad:  

  • If you have complications after an operation in the UK, it’s the surgeon’s responsibility to provide follow-up treatment.
  • Overseas clinics may not provide follow-up treatment, or they may not provide it to the same standard as in the UK. 
  • Also, they may not have a healthcare professional in the UK you can go to if you have any problems.
  • Be cautious of websites selling cosmetic surgery as part of a holiday. Make sure you have a consultation with the surgeon and not a sales person, do not pay for a hospital you have never seen or a surgeon you have never met. 
  • While it’s possible to have a holiday before surgery, it’s unrealistic to have one straight after as this can increase the risk of things going wrong.
  • You should have two consultations with the surgeon before having surgery. 

 See more on the NHS website

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