Why Domain Name System (DNS) security is critical for the healthcare industry

The Domain Name System (DNS) has been around for nearly 40 years, yet surprisingly few organizations understand what a critical security tool it can be. DNS can play many vital security roles on a network, from preventing infection by malware to neutering that malware even if it manages to infect devices, from protecting IoT devices—a particular challenge in the healthcare business—to helping security professionals assess the impact of successful breaches.

Cricket Liu has been around DNS for much of the history of DNS, somewhat alarmingly, and wrote “DNS and BIND,” an early book on DNS, as well as many books since. He’s currently Chief Evangelist at Infoblox, the leader in DDI (DNS, DHCP and IPAM) products.

During this podcast, you will:

  • Learn how DNS servers can help prevent malware infection and propagation.

  • Learn why DNS-based security is especially useful on networks with devices such as medical equipment.

  • Learn how DNS can help security professionals track and assess compromises.

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