What It Means If You Are Destiny Number 1

Most of us don’t think of numbers as being a big deal. But for people who follow numerology, the numbers that recur in our lives contain a power that’s just waiting to be harnessed. According to the ancient art, our birth dates correspond to specific digits called “destiny numbers,” each of which has a particular meaning. Just as astrological signs indicate our personalities, strengths, and weaknesses, the destiny numbers provide more clarity about what drives you and what you were meant to do in life. You may already notice that certain numbers recur again and again in your phone numbers or street addresses, or maybe you always play your birth month and day in the Mega Millions lottery.

There are actually two ways to calculate your destiny number (some refer to it as the life path number). One is by taking your full date of birth, adding all the digits together, and then breaking down the result even further by adding the sum until you end up with a single digit. For instance, to calculate the destiny number for a baby born on January 1, 2021, you would add 0+1+0+1+2+0+2+1 to get 8. The other method uses your complete name as it appears on your birth certificate, translating the letters into numbers via a simple chart first devised by Pythagoras, and then adding them as before. Either way, you get a number that offers a look into your true self. 

What does it mean if your destiny number is one? It’s actually not too surprising.

Ones were born to stand out

True to the associations we already have with the digit, people with the destiny number one are natural-born leaders, per Allure. They’re people of action, not content to sit around and debate every decision. Numerologist Matt Beech added that ones gravitate toward careers that put them in charge, such as entrepreneurs, business executives, school principals, and politicians. They’re not satisfied with doing just the bare minimum — they’ll do whatever it takes to achieve their sky-high goals.

Some ones do have an issue with self-confidence, so their challenge in life is to overcome those doubts and trust that their natural talents will shine through (via Felicia Bender). Other people born with the destiny number one have no problem with being in control; in fact, they can be a little too controlling and disrespectful to employees. They also have no patience for people who don’t give 100%; if they can do it, why can’t everyone?

People born with destiny number one can be their best selves by using their position of power wisely, continuing to set goals for themselves, and knowing when to step back. Beech noted that they do best in romantic relationships with people who are a little more laidback, but they still need to let their mate have a say in decision making. Because number ones are so driven, it’s important for them to find time for exercise, said Bender; this will keep them at their best and help relieve stress.

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