Watch Tennessee Titans Running Back Derrick Henry Do Pushups on a Chaos Band

Tennessee Titans running back Derrick Henry shared a glimpse at his offseason training in a video shared to Twitter recently. In the clip, he can be seen performing pushups while balanced on an exercise ball and a resistance band, with a chain wrapped around his neck for added effect.

The caption for the video describes what Henry is doing as “the most insane pushups man has ever seen,” which might be putting it a little strongly. The chaos band pushup sure looks cool, and it’s certainly not for beginners—but the exercise also won’t build considerable strength, at least not where you think. In fact, it’s actually used to focus on core stability.

This variation is by no means the kind of pushup that everyone should be including in their regular arsenal of bodyweight exercises. If anything, it’s a go-to move for trainers who are programming workouts for clients who are already on the super-fit end of the scale—like, say, NFL player Derrick Henry—to prevent their training sessions from getting too boring. It’s the cherry on top of a smart program, rather than something that a workout should be built around.

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