Video shows moment young cancer patient comforted by 3-year-old sister

Liam Hardy, nine years old, has been bravely fighting leukaemia since 2020. The family has become all too familiar with these challenging moments as Liam undergoes rounds of chemotherapy. His sister, Akira Hardy, three years old, can be seen in the video gently rubbing his back as he leans over the toilet, feeling sick from the treatment.

Cara Hardy, a devoted stay-at-home mum, has been documenting Liam’s journey with the disease and sharing these intimate moments on social media. Liam was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia B-Cell in January 2020 and has been undergoing chemotherapy nearly every day since then.

After three and a half years of gruelling treatment, Liam is now in the final stages and has officially completed his chemotherapy. Cara expressed her relief, saying: “He’s been on chemo every day since he was diagnosed minus the days his counts were too low for his body to handle the chemotherapy.

“He has Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia B-Cell which has an extremely high-risk case for relapse. He has been dealing with this for three-and-a-half years and we’re in the end process now. There have been no blasts in his blood, so he is officially done with chemo.”

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Akira, Liam’s little sister, was not even born when he was diagnosed. However, Liam formed a deep bond with her while Cara was still pregnant. Cara fondly recalls how Liam would rub her belly and talk to Akira, even in his weakened state. When Akira was born, Cara was initially worried she would be a nervous baby, given the circumstances. However, Akira has proven to be a source of joy and happiness for the family.

Cara firmly believes Akira played a significant role in motivating Liam to fight his battle with such determination. She said, “I wholeheartedly believe that it was Akira that kept Liam fighting so hard. He knew he was her big brother and he had to be there for her.”

Since Liam’s diagnosis, Cara has been unable to work due to the demands of his treatment. The family has faced financial challenges, particularly with healthcare costs and complications with insurance coverage. They have been actively fundraising to support Liam’s ongoing treatment, as their medical bills have exceeded $500,000 (£389,320.00).

Cara has been tirelessly advocating for her son’s needs, but the process has been frustrating. She expressed her concerns, saying: “I’ve been paying out of pocket for Liam’s medicine for god knows how long and I’ve written letters to them, calls and nothing is ever solved. I’m just told to wait.

“When you’re a single mom of three you don’t really have time to wait but you also don’t have an option to just NOT get the medicine your cancer child needs because it is life or death.”

Currently, the family is crowdfunding for a “port removal” procedure, which will remove the device in Liam’s chest that facilitated his chemotherapy treatment. Despite the challenges, Liam’s future looks promising.

He is undergoing physical therapy to address mobility issues caused by the long-term effects of chemotherapy. Cara proudly shared Liam will be starting school full-time, embarking on a new journey as a normal, carefree child.

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Cara said: “Liam’s future looks so bright, he is currently doing physical therapy for his legs because they’re losing mobility due to the long use of chemo.

“His neuropathy has caused him to have severe drop foot and he walks on his tiptoes.

“Aside from that, this school year coming up, he gets to finally go full-time and start his new journey of being a normal kid!

“We couldn’t be more proud and I couldn’t be more excited to see my son finally get the opportunity to be a kid and have nothing hold him back.”

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