Vanessa Lachey Shares How She & Husband Nick Handle Birthday Parties for Their 3 Kids

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In theory, planning a child’s birthday party should be nothing but fun. In reality, there’s also a whole lot of stress that can arise from the logistics and expectations that come with this annual celebration. Vanessa Lachey has three kids and thus plans multiple parties a year — often in their new home in Hawai’i and old home in LA — and still, she gets nothing but joy from the experience.

“I love party planning,” she tells SheKnows. “In a previous life, in my next life, or after I retire, I’m going to be a party planner.”

So just how does the NCIS Hawai’i star and television host keep her cool amidst what could be chaos? Well, in the Lachey household, party planning is not a one-person show; it’s a family affair. And if Vanessa is the mind behind a celebration, her kids are the voice — and her husband Nick Lachey is the muscle.

“He’s my manual labor,” she says of the 98 Degrees singer and TV host. “[I’ll say], ‘This goes there, that goes over there, can you go get 20 bags of ice?’”

It helps that the Lacheys’ daughter, 8-year-old Brooklyn, is practically a party planner in training. She apparently wants to start her own company, and frankly, we are eagerly awaiting this mother-daughter enterprise.

It’s no surprise, then, that Vanessa turns to her kids for inspiration, and she loves getting their input. She says that letting them get involved in their birthday party adds a whole other layer of fun.

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