Tourist raises allegations similar to those in beach Party in the island of Sylt: Was it all no matter

The Coronavirus pandemic holds the entire world in suspense: more than five million people were infected worldwide with the novel pathogen, Sars-CoV-2 – 181.765 of them so far in Germany.

Tourist raises allegations similar to those in beach Party in the island of Sylt: "Everything was egal"

In the Sylter Nobel Spa town of Kampen, the end had been registered on the Whitsun week-multiple violations of the Corona-measures. Especially in the area of the “Buhne 16” there have been multiple violations. A Sylt-tourist who had visited the Eatery on Saturday, is reported to FOCUS Online of a sprawling Happen and inattentive security guards.

“The theme Corona-measures” was on this weekend of Pentecost and the days before that, “a joke,” says the tourist,: “minimum, it was not, the Two households-a rule – that was all no matter.” The beach is referred to as the “bumsvoll”, people would be sat there in the 20s-groups together, had drunk and celebrated. dpa/Carsten Rehder/dpabild The Aerial view shows the southern tip of the North sea island of Sylt.

The only restrictions you have felt, that in the Nobel locally “Buhne 16” only a limited number of people was left. However, these measures are referred to as “the cat”, because in front of the Local “hundreds of people” without clearance were stood in the queue. The tourist commented that the Security staff, and the public order office the whole time were on site. “The have just done nothing”, she demanded to FOCUS Online.

You had been with a group of ten people on the spot. The security people would have asked your group at some point, whether it consists of two households, but with a short “Yes” to satisfy. “Then you have answered just ‘Okay, fine’ and proceeded.” The Intervention of the security forces have to watch them any time.

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