To honor you: Chinese cities are showing the photos of nurses on high-rise buildings

In the Chinese city of Fuzhou in Eastern China at the airport for incoming Doctors were welcomed in a special way: With portrait images of them on the skyscrapers and various other buildings.

In China, more than 1000 Doctors and other professionals from the health area of home return, after they travelled to the city of Wuhan, in the hospitals to help out. Wuhan is considered as the origin of the Coronavirus.

People in Fuzhou, thank you with a special gesture

The Good news for the helper: the middle of March was the last of the 16 temporary houses built ill closed. Thus, they were able to finally travel back to their homeland.

Since all of them had packs with United forces, from Doctors and nurses to the nursing staff, thanked the people of the city of Fuzhou with a special gesture for the helpers:

So at different locations in the faces of the helpers were projected over a large area on surfaces, such as on buses, office buildings and shopping centers. The Portal &quot reported;Unilad". Finally, the helper of the day and night had worked essential, in order to get the pandemic in their country in the handle.

First of all, only nine of the more than 1000 helpers were honored. However, also all other helpers should be according to the report, honored. In the following days and weeks, their faces are projected throughout the province on several thousand of LED display screens.

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