This Two-Ingredient Trader Joe's Dip Is Guaranteed to Be an Instant Hit With Your Family

The next time you’re at Trader Joe’s you’ll want to pick up two specific ingredients to make the dip Natasha of the Instagram account, Trader Joe’s List, just concocted and shared with her followers. Grab yourself a wedge of manchego cheese and a container of the new Chimichurri Sauce and get your taste buds ready to be blown away.

“You will not be able to stop eating this dip it is so good,” Natasha said in the video. “It’s just two ingredients. That’s it.”

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And because the dip only contains two ingredients, it’s super easy to make, too. Simply cut the block of cheese into smaller portions (and remove the red rind) and put into your blender. Then, add the entire container of Chimichurri Sauce. Blitz it all together to get a super thick and delicious dip.

“If you want a runnier dip, use less cheese. But I always go for more cheese,” Natasha said. “You do want to leave it a little bit chunky. It’s great for scooping.”

Trader Joe’s Chimichurri Sauce is a packaged version of the much-loved Argentinian and Uruguayan spread that is traditionally used to season grilled beef. It contains freshly chopped parsley and cilantro, minced garlic, dried cumin, crushed red pepper, oil, and vinegar. 

“The resulting Sauce is a compellingly complex mix of herby aromatics, savory spice, silky texture, and even a delicately tart note that serves to wake up the flavors within any entrée it’s added to,” Trader Joe’s website reads.

As Natasha wrote in her responses to commenters, this dip goes great with either tortilla chips or your favorite crackers, and it would also make a yummy veggie dip, too. Bring it to your next gathering or whip up a batch to keep in your fridge for a midnight (or midday!) snack. 

You just found your new favorite guilty pleasure.

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