This Is Why You Should Always Have Hydrogen Peroxide In Your Home

While your wellness cabinet has likely grown over the past few years with new products, a simple ingredient still stands the test of time. Hydrogen peroxide was once a staple among American households, serving as a cleaning agent for surfaces and even ear piercings. It turns out, there’s more to the brown bottle than meets the eye.

The Spruce reports that hydrogen peroxide comes in two different varieties with 3% and 10% concentrations. When it comes to cleaning, the former is most appropriate. Furthermore, it’s best to use your bottle within six months of opening since, without the bubbles, it’s just water, according to the outlet. To check if your bottle is still good, pour a drop of the solution down the drain. If it bubbles, it’s still good. If not, toss it, Real Simple suggests.

Once you’ve made sure that your hydrogen peroxide is still active, head to the bathroom to clean out your shower. The outlet recommends pouring hydrogen peroxide into a spray bottle and applying to your tile and handles before wiping away with a cloth. It also whitens your grout when applied with a toothbrush. A little grime is no match for the solution combined with a little elbow grease!

You can use hydrogen peroxide to clean your home and personal care products

Beyond its use as yet another cleaning product, hydrogen peroxide is also great for sterilizing parts of your body such as your fingernails. The Spruce cites the substance as a worthy cleaner when combined with baking soda. After mixing one part hydrogen peroxide with two parts baking soda, apply the paste underneath your nails for a few minutes, then rinse with water. You can use the same solution to restore plates and bowls that have discolored over the years. Just make sure your flatware is ceramic before you apply.

Another way to get the most out of your brown bottle is by spraying a few spritzes onto your reusable grocery bags for a quick clean. Since these often go for weeks without cleaning, this simple trick can keep germs away from your food. From the fabric bags to other fabrics in your home, hydrogen peroxide can brighten your next load of whites and remove underarm stains. Furthermore, a quick rinse with the solution can kill mold and other bacteria in your humidifiers, keeping your air quality much better all year long, according to the outlet.

However, Real Simple notes, only combine hydrogen peroxide with water, as vinegar and other additives can create unsafe gases when used in a confined space.

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