This Heartwarming Post-Super Bowl Clip of Jason Kelce Being Comforted By His Mom is Going Viral

Donna Kelce was the most talked about mom heading into the 2023 Super Bowl. OK, maybe the second most (Hey, Rihanna!). And understandably so. This year’s Super Bowl was dubbed the “Kelce Bowl” if you’re a football fan (or “a Rihanna concert surrounded by football” if you’re a fan of the soon-to-be mom of two).

Donna Kelce’s sons, Travis and Jason, were playing against one another: Travis for the Kansas City Chiefs and Jason for the Philadelphia Eagles. As such, there were endless debates over which son she would root for. Through it all, she maintained that she would be rooting for the offense — a sly answer since both of her sons play offense — or, if she had to choose, it would be Jason.

“I keep trying to tell him [even though he thinks I’ll root for Travis], ‘No, you’ve given me grandchildren,’ so we’ll leave it at that,” she told TODAY.

Of course, only one Kelce son could win on Sunday, and it was Travis and the Kansas City Chiefs who took home the coveted Vince Lombardi trophy.

In a now-viral post-game video, Donna approaches Jason on the field. Once Jason sees her, he wraps her in a long, emotional embrace. We’re not crying, you’re crying!

“Mom’s always there 💚,” the NFL captioned the video, and commenters on Twitter couldn’t get over the touching clip.

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