This Cobra Kai<\/em>-Inspired Miyagi-Do Workout Will Help You Find Balance

To help audiences in their New Year fitness resolutions, Netflix has created two workout videos inspired by its smash series Cobra Kai. The first, led by martial arts legend Billy Blanks, takes place in the Cobra Kai dojo and is all about striking first. The second, however, is all about finding balance, drawing on the teachings of the Karate Kid’s mentor, Mr. Miyagi.

The guided workout is led by fitness influencer Cassey Ho, who built a massive online audience and subsequent business with her Blogilates channel, and who here fuses together the principles of Miyagi-do karate with her Pilates expertise to create “Miyagilates,” where the only equipment needed is a positive attitude… and ideally some stretchy pants.

“You’re going to find your inner peace, your focus, and your balance,” she says.

The session starts with breathing exercises to create a mind-body connection, before leading into the most important Miyagi move; wax on, wax off. Cassey incorporates this flowing, circular movement into exercises like the plié squat and curtsy lunge. The aim, she explains, is to warm up the entire body, and get it moving with your soul as one. Simple!

The workout then goes into a couple of yoga poses, before targeting the core with Pilates moves such as the single straight leg stretch, the cheerleader L, the eagle crunch, the scissors, and of course, the plank.

Then Cassey moves onto a series of arm exercises, and reiterates the Miyagi-do philosophy while doing so. “Karate is for defense only,” she says with an entirely straight face. “So even though I am going to show you how to strengthen your arms, you need to make sure that you use your karate, your Miyagilates, for goodness only.”

With each set, Cassey repeats Mr. Miyagi-esque platitudes which, while mostly just for fun, are also worth remembering in any gym session. “You may be tired, you may be getting exhausted. But when negative feelings overwhelm you, look for the good within yourself,” she says. “Find your strength to keep going, because with every pulse and every rep, you are going to get stronger.”

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