This Brilliant Feeding Hat & Cover-Up is a Nursing Gamechanger

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In today’s edition of “products so brilliantly simple we can’t believe no one ever thought of it before,” we present to you the genius Mobobaby Feeding Hat + Nursing Cover
. It’s a lightweight way to provide some privacy while nursing in public that doesn’t involve a blanket over anybody’s head, and it’s going to be a boon to any breastfeeding parent. Or any parent who wants to minimize distractions while attempting to feed a baby — whether it’s with a boob or a bottle.

Now let’s just clarify that no one should feel obligated to cover up while nursing at all, ever, and if anybody has a problem with it they can kick rocks. That being said, there are some nursing mamas who just don’t feel 100% comfortable with the possibility of a stranger (or even a close family member) getting a glimpse of nip. Still, most nursing covers are bulky and hot and hard to hold in place, which is what makes the Mobobaby Feeding Hat
so amazingly smart.

The Mobobaby comes in two sizes — 0-6 months and 6-12 months — and a variety of neutral colors. It’s made with a buttery-soft blend of hemp, lyocell, and organic cotton (all environmentally friendly and sustainably sourced in North America — yay!). There are no snaps or chin straps to fumble with; simply slip the stretchy hat on baby’s little noggin, and it stays put. In fact, the Mobobaby’s manufacturer lists only 3 instructions: “Put the hat on the baby, put the kid on the boob, put the brim where you want.” And by that, they mean leave the brim loose so Baby’s feeding time is completely private, or use the button to hold the brim securely so you can make eye contact, like so. (Side note: is this not the most adorable hat?! Squeeee!)

Unsurprisingly, it’s getting rave reviews: “I love the ease of using the hat as a nursing cover. It’s small and packable, yet covers me up without drawing attention — other than how cute the hat is! It doesn’t make him hot nor block his view of me while nursing. It just looks like I’m holding him. I’m thinking of giving one to a friend who just had a baby as a gift! She’ll love it, too!”

One nursing mom in Texas writes, “Texas summers are HOT and covering my daughter while trying to nurse in public just wasn’t working. The heat under the cover would cause her to get fussy and unlatch, leading to crying and an inconsolable baby. With the hat I am able to keep her little body cool and comfortable while she nurses while keeping myself covered. Thank you for creating something that makes the lives of breastfeeding mamas a little easier!”

Whether you’re a nursing mom yourself or you have a nursing mom in your life, the Mobobaby is an easy-breezy way to get some coverage in public without having to drape anyone in a bulky blanket. It’s proof of the big difference even the simplest concept can make.

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