These ‘Fairycore’ Baby Names Have a Magical, Ethereal Feel

Folk tales dating all the way back to the Middle Ages are rich with lore of fairies: magical and enchanted creatures said to bring luck, protection — and often a bit of mischief. With such a fun and fascinating history, it’s no wonder that even modern culture is still obsessed with fairies. In fact — as with cottagecore and Barbiecore — fairies have even spawned their own aesthetic: fairycore. Think twinkly lights, gossamer wings, wildflower crowns, and hazy woodlands landscapes; pastel colors, tangling vines, a cozy forest cottage in a dreamlike setting.

This enchanting, mystical vibe can be carried over into baby names, too! Below, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most beautiful fairy-inspired baby names. Some are taken directly from fairies in folklore, others mean “fairy” or something equally magical, and some just fit the fairy aesthetic so perfectly we couldn’t leave them out. Prepare to be charmed and captivated!

Fairy-Inspired Baby Names With Elfin Meanings

Ailsa – means “elf victory”

Alva – Swedish for “elf”

Avery – means “rules the elves”

Aubrie – means “elf ruler”

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