The US state of Missouri is suing China because of Corona

The Coronavirus pandemic, the world will continue to be in respiratory: Significantly more than two million people worldwide are already infected with the Virus 143.142 of them in Germany. All the News about the Coronavirus-crisis you will find in the Ticker from FOCUS Online.

As the first U.S. state of Missouri sued because of the Coronavirus pandemic, the Chinese government. Missouri’s attorney General Eric Schmitt accused Beijing on Tuesday, the world over, the lung disease Covid-19 "belogen" and to have too little to contain the Virus made. This diseases, deaths and economic damage worldwide, and also in Missouri led.

The Chinese government had made a dangerous behavior and breach of duty guilty, said Schmitt more. You must for "their Actions held accountable werden". The procedure could lead to compensation claims against China.

Covid-19 world "irreparable Schäden" caused, led the attorney-General: illness, death, economic damage and human suffering. "In Missouri, the effects of the Virus are very real – hundreds of thousands have been infected and many have died." In addition, small businesses would have to close, many people have difficulty in "Food on the Tisch" to get.

The lawsuit against the Chinese government, the Communist party of China, a number of ministries, as well as the regional government of the province of Hubei and the city of Wuhan, where the Virus first occurred. Was filed the lawsuit in a US Federal court in Missouri.

"During the crucial weeks of the initial outbreak, the Chinese authorities have taken deceived the Public, important information suppressing, Whistleblower festival, the Transferability of human-to-human denied in spite of the growing evidence, crucial medical research destroyed, admitted that millions of people are exposed to the Virus, and even protective clothing gehortet", it is said in the lawsuit. This is a &quot was;global Pandemie" been triggered, the "unnecessary. it was, and would have können&quot be prevented;

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