The popular diet many people follow that could cause infertility – Dr Sara issues warning

This Morning: Dr Sara debunks Mediterranean diet claims

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New research shows that a specific version of the Mediterranean diet could cause infertility issues. Doctor Sara explains the reason why this diet linked to many health benefits is causing infertility is because of pesticides found in fruits and vegetables.

“I think this definitely needs to be broken down. We don’t want to demonise entire diets,” the doctor began the segment.

She added: “We are constantly saying that the Mediterranean diet is considered one of the healthiest.

“It reduces type 2 diabetes, strokes and heart attacks. But suddenly this has come out.”

The new study looking at the link between infertility and diet was conducted by the University of Oslo.

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Doctor Sara explained: “If you break it down…it’s a very small study, only 27 students, who were writing out what they ate and then giving urine samples.

“The urine samples were looking for environmental contaminants. Things like pesticides and toxins related to that.

“We know that pesticides and toxins can increase the risk of infertility because of the way it affects hormones,” she added.

Based on the urine samples, the new study found “that those who were eating just normal Mediterranean diet, so non-organic foods” had three times the amount of the contaminants, compared to “a normal Western diet”, the doctor said on the morning show.

The doctor explained that the Western diet is “your usual British grub”.

The doctor added: “But they found if you have an organic Mediterranean diet that risk reduces by 90 percent.

“So, actually, what this study is showing is that we are eating too much non-organic food, there’s too much pesticide.

“It’s not really the Mediterranean diet as such. It’s mostly that fruits, vegetables and grains are the things that tend to be most contaminated with pesticides.”

This Morning’s Phillip Schofield reacted to the headline by emphasising that it’s also a really small study – 27 people – with which the doctor agreed.

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