The Best And Worst Characteristics Of Aquarius

Aquarius people tend to get a reputation as unique individuals. To some, they’re known as the aliens of the zodiac, but is that all that this air sign is known for? While it’s true that Aquarians tend to be creative, they’re also humanitarians who are pretty easy going (via Cosmopolitan). One of their best characteristics is that they’re on a mission to save the world, and they have the smarts to do it.

If you have an Aquarius friend, they may be the one who’s down to go to a protest with you, volunteer on the weekend, and donate their money and time to a good cause. Not only that, but they’re great listeners who are down to have an intellectual conversation with you (via Astrology.Care). Harry Styles and Oprah are big Aquarians who use their talents to make the world a better place. But along with being creative game-changers, Aquarians can also be unpredictable and aloof.

Aquarians are living in their own world

While an Aquarius friend is someone you can turn to when you need to talk, they’re kind of hard to get some one-on-one time with. According to Thought Catalog, a negative trait of Aquarians is that they’re detached and distant. If you’re in a relationship with an Aquarius person and your love language is quality time, it may be tricky. But that’s because they have so many creative projects they’re working on at once. 

Aquarians are also air signs, which means they can get a bad rep for living in their own fantasy world (via The Cut). How else are they supposed to come up with creative ways to solve life’s problems? If your partner or bestie is an Aquarius, you just have to allow them to do their own thing. But at the same time, know that when you are together, you’ll have great convos, feel totally supported, and have a quirky fun time.

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