The 20-minute workout: Cardio and full-body strength

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It’s New Year’s Day, you might be a bit hungover, you might be a bit tired. It might be the perfect opportunity to move your body.

While you might want to ease your way into 2022 and not go all-out with a huge fitness session, a 20-minute workout could be just what you need.

This week’s workout is all about cardio and strength. Getting your heart rate up and giving your muscles a bit of a challenge.

So, if you’re looking to start the year as you mean to go on, why not carve out 20 minutes for some physical activity today. You’ll definitely feel better for it.

This workout was created by Andrew Julien, fitness coach at F45 Tottenham Court Road.

Cardio and strength home workout

‘This workout is designed for those interested in calisthenics (exercises that involve movements that use large muscle groups),’ Andrew explains.

To do this workout, you’ll need a bar for pull ups, and a sturdy bench or chair.

Complete three sets of each round:

Round one:


5-10 reps

Using a sturdy bar, place your hands about shoulder with apart, then pull yourself up with your chin over the bar.

Without swinging your body, lower yourself to the ground.


10-20 reps

With your body in a straight line, go on all fours with the legs extended and hands shoulder-width apart.

Go onto your toes, keeping the elbows slightly bent.

Lower yourself to the ground into a flat plank with the elbows at 90 degrees, then extend yourself upwards into the original position.

V crunches

10-20 reps

Lie down on your back with the arms overhead.

Lift your legs to a 45-degree angle and raise your legs to reach your shins.

Round two:

Commando plank

10 reps

Starting in a basic plank position, engage your core and keep your head neutral.

Push up onto your left hand until its straight, then push up onto your right hand.

Then lower again, starting with your left hand then your right, keeping your core tight and back straight.

Spider plank

5-10 on each side

Starting in a plank position again, bring your right knee to your right elbow then extend your leg back to the original starting position.

Then repeat with your left side.

Hollow hold

Lie with the face up and the arms and legs straight with your lower back firmly pressed on the floor.

Engaging your core, raise your arms and legs up about 2-3 inches off the ground and hold for 20-30 seconds.

Round three:

Isometric chin-ups

Hang from the bar at 90 degrees, with an underhand grip.

Pull yourself up until your forehead hits the bar and hold for 10-20 seconds.

Tricep dips

maximum reps

Using a bench, sit with your legs extended and your feet hip width apart.

Press your palms onto the bench with your back facing away from it and lower yourself with bent elbows.

Slowly raise yourself until your arms are straight again.


Stand straight with your feet a comfortable width apart.

Kick slightly with your dominant leg then tip your body forwards, making sure to put your hands firmly on the floor and legs straight.

Hold for 20 seconds, then fall out of the handstand with your dominant leg.

If you’re new to handstands, try doing this against a wall for extra support.

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