Stop smoking: ‘Slowly wean yourself from the drug’ with a vape

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Smoking comes with a host of negative effects on the body. This includes increasing the risk of cancer and other deadly illnesses.

Many choose to attempt to kick the habit in the New Year, and vaping can help you, one health expert said.

Joanna Konstantoupolou is a health psychologist, specialising in Cognitive Behavior Therapy.

She told “Vaping offers a modern avenue to pursue that is available in various levels of nicotine so you can slowly wean yourself from the drug.”

Vaping is a healthier alternative to smoking, the expert said.

Joanna said: “Like nicotine patches and gum, vaping contains none of the harmful toxins that come from tobacco.

“However, it does continue to reinforce the behavioural addiction of smoking itself.”

Joanna went on: “You should consider pairing this method with support from a psychologist who can recommend behaviour changes.”

It is preferable to kick a nicotine habit altogether, but vaping can help with this, Joanna said.

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What is vaping?

Vaping is when, instead of inhaling smoke, users inhale a vapour.

This vapour is created when a liquid is heated up in a device known as a vape.

How does vaping work?

Vapes heat up vaping liquid, creating an aerosol users breath in.

Vaping liquids can include nicotine, but also CBD oil and marijuana.

The liquids are often flavoured too, usually with fruity, sweet flavours.

Smoking and vaping: NHS shows difference between the two

There are still many health risks associated with vaping, although it is thought to be a healthier alternative to smoking.

However, vape liquid can include dangerous ingredients include chemicals potentially also linked to cancer.

The effects of vaping are relatively unknown still, and scientists are still learning about the dangerous impacts it might have.

Joanna also advised a clever trick to help curb cigarette cravings. 

Joanna said: “There are two potential avenues for cravings: chemical (nicotine) and behavioural (the act of smoking).”

She explained it may be the action of smoking you miss. To help with this Joanna said: “You could try keeping your mouth busy with crunchy vegetables.

“Try to take yourself away from triggering situations or to a place where you cannot smoke.

“Consider phoning or texting a friend and practising deep breathing.”

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