Simple ways to deal with post-Covid fatigue

"Fatigue is likely to continue for some time even after recovery," said Dr Rohini Patil

Fatigue and weakness are normal post Covid recovery and the same is likely to continue for some time. The symptoms are tiredness, more sleep, weakness and difficulty in memory and concentration, said Dr Rohini Patil, founder and CEO of Nutracy Lifestyle.

To help those recuperating from the virus, Dr Patil shared some simple tips:


It is important to self-isolate for a few days post Covid recovery as your body is weak and the chances of catching diseases is higher. Follow guidelines instructed by the government and take care of yourself.


Taking proper rest is really important to healing as your body fights off the infection. Your body and mind need rest for recovery. Try to relax. Avoid spending time watching television, social media and smartphones. You can do yoga, meditation, breathing exercises to stay calm and feel better. Listening to calm music, massaging oils etc can help a lot to relax. Avoid stress, heavy workouts etc as your body is weak and still recovering.


Adequate sleep is essential for recovery as it gives your mind and body rest. Make sure you adopt healthy sleeping habits. Ensure you have a bedtime routine, avoid caffeine before sleeping, keep your phone away while going to bed and avoid eating late.


Maintain a healthy diet. Make sure you eat all nutrients like vitamins, proteins, carbs, fibre etc. Drink enough water to stay hydrated. Dehydration is another reason for weakness. Drink fluids like orange juice, watermelon juice, coconut water etc to stay hydrated.

Keep activity levels low

Try not to do heavy activities as they require energy and your body is still weak and recovering. Do not do work that needs mental and physical strength. Take off from work as well and focus on rest and self-isolation till you fully recover.

Have fun

Do some fun activities that relax your mind and body. You can read your favourite novel, watch your favourite series and listen to music but with regular rests and for short periods. You can also do small activities that will make you active. But keep in mind to take rest and be kind and realistic.

Take breaks

Your body still needs rest to continue healing, so take short breaks throughout the day, even if you don’t think you need to. Stop and do nothing, calm your mind, and try breathing or guided relaxation techniques.

Daily routine

Routine helps a lot to stabilise. Slowly, go back to your normal routine; don’t rush. Don’t stress about work and continue to think less of work as it requires energy.

“After some time, you will feel better and you can continue to follow your lifestyle, go to work, do workouts etc. But make sure to eat healthy, stay hydrated, take adequate sleep and rest and less stress. Also, wear a mask while going out and follow government guidelines for Covid-19,” she said.

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