Shawn Johnson Revealed the One Sound That Scares Parents & She Is Spot On

There is one sound that scares parents sh*tless, and we have shivers running down our spines just thinking about it. Even Olympic gold medalist Shawn Johnson East, who isn’t afraid to hurtle through the air, knows how terrifying it is.

The mother of two shared a super relatable Instagram reel with the banner “the only sound that scares parents…” on Thursday. Johnson and her husband, football player Andrew East — who are both known for their hilarious meal prep style and for how well they know the ways of picky eaters — are seen in their kitchen chopping peppers and making an Athletic Greens drink, respectively.

In the background, you can hear children screaming, shreiking, and crying as objects smash into walls and break. The couple peacefully continues their tasks amidst the chaos until they hear that dreaded sound…

“…silence,” the reel says.

The two looked up and then quickly headed off in either direction to see what went so wrong that the kids got quiet.

“Just doesn’t sound right hahaha,” Johnson captioned the post, and commenters couldn’t agree more.

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