Setback for Bolsonaro: Brazil needs to re-publish Corona-Pay

The Corona-pandemic keeps the world in breath. Already, more than 6.9 million people globally have become infected with the pathogen of Sars-CoV-2 – 184.629 of them in Germany. 400,000 people have already died in Corona.

A decision of the Supreme court, following price gives Brazil’s government the Figures of the Corona-cases of complete and online. On the Website of the Ministry of health, for Corona-statistics on Tuesday evening (local time) in the previous 24 hours for newly registered Numbers of Infected and deaths as well as the respective total numbers were announced, as has a judge on Monday. dpa/Marcello Casal Jr/Agencia Brazil/Reuters “don’t Need people from outside the us, tips for health here”: the President of Brazil Jair Bolsonaro.

Since the weekend every day in the previous 24 hours for newly registered Numbers had been published. After several days in a row of Negative records had been registered in the number of the Corona of the dead, had started, the government in the past week, the Corona-Numbers instead of 19 o’clock to publish 22 PM. So they came only after the end of the most-watched news broadcast in the country. Health experts, parliamentarians and lawyers have criticized the Changes in focus.

Brazil is the of the Coronavirus pandemic most affected country in Latin America. According to the health Ministry on Tuesday 1272 more patients have died in connection with the Coronavirus within a day. The number of the Corona of victims increased to 38 406. Confirmed with the Virus 739 503 have been infected so far, people.

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