Second Ebola-Infected person is treated in a Frankfurt clinic

In Germany, a second Ebola treated Patient from West Africa. The aid workers was taken to the isolation ward of the Frankfurt University clinic. Unnoticed, the Virus came, meanwhile, in the USA, because a man at the point of entry lied.

An Ebola patient a doctor from Uganda is being treated since Friday at the Frankfurt University hospital. The man who worked for an Italian aid organization, had been taken in the Morning in an isolation ward, said the Hessian Minister of health Stefan Grüttner. The Patient had been infected in Sierra Leone of the deadly Virus.

The man was being treated in Germany, going back to a request of the world health organization (WHO), have turned to the Foreign office. The head of the competence center for highly contagious life-threatening diseases, Rene Gottschalk, spoke of a "the major Form of humanitarian Hilfe". The Patient was flown in a special plane with no other passengers to Frankfurt.

Doctor shortly before dismissal

It is the second Time since the outbreak of the Ebola epidemic in West Africa, that in Germany the disease of a sick Patient is treated. At the end of August an Infected person had been flown to Hamburg and to the local Uni-Klinikum admitted. The doctor from West Africa will now be according to reports in the media, to the extent recovered, and that he is on the verge of dismissal. dpa/Boris Roessler An Ebola patient, employees of an auxiliary organization is expected to in the Frankfurt University hospital to be treated.

In Hesse, it had not given according to the words of the Minister of health earlier two suspected Ebola cases that were confirmed but. In the current case, Doctors in Frankfurt were well-prepared to ensure the in this disease, which is so important for protection against infection.

Volunteers in protective suits took ill in reception

The doctor from Uganda was brought on early in the Morning, in Frankfurt’s University clinic after he had landed at the airport. The man was brought in with a special vehicle on the grounds of the hospital, and numerous volunteers in protective suits are shielded.

Since the spring in several West African States, rampant disease information have died, according to UN, more than 3300 people. Are affected in particular the countries of Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia. The number of Infected moves to the estimates in the order of over 10,000. dpa/Boris Roessler firefighters and medics in protective suits escorted the arrival of the Ebola patients.

Ebola-Infected in the USA – Virus unnoticed introduced

For excitement in the case of an Ebola patient in the United States, the Virus came unnoticed in the United States, one chleppte and only after a couple of days a hospital provided the least. Since then, the fear that the disease could collect with the often fatal course of other countries is growing. So in the middle of the week, world Bank President Jim Yon Kim, had warned that Ebola could spread around the world. Also, the economic impact on the affected countries were dramatic. Economic experts such as the IMF Boss Christine Lagarde can see, Ebola is now considered a dangerous risk for the global economic development.

Ill log in health control at the Airport

In the USA, travelled to the Ebola-infected man from Liberia, according to the media, contacts with sick persons reports, deliberately concealed. On a check form at the Airport, the man explained, according to the government in Monrovia against better knowledge, he had not been in the past three weeks with the sick in contact, reported the Liberian newspaper "Front Page Africa" on Friday.

In reality, the man was, among other things, five days before his departure on the 19th. September knowingly helped an Ebola sick pregnant woman in search of a hospital. The woman had died later. The Liberians on the 20th. September in Texas arrived. A few days later was diagnosed with Ebola. He is currently in isolation.

Liberia’s President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf "very verärgert"

Liberia’s President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf said that she was "very verärgert" about the behavior of the man. You’ll leave the possibilities of a criminal prosecution because of the Belügens of government authorities by the wrong information on his exit questionnaire check, she told the canadian broadcaster CBC. The Denial of contacts with Ebola sufferers is widespread in Liberia and one reason for this is that the Virus was not combat in the country so hard it was in the "Front Page Africa".