Rihanna Had a Priceless Reaction After Being Asked if Her Baby is a Boy or Girl

Sometimes all you need is a look. And that’s just what Rihanna delivered when she was asked about her baby’s gender while at the Dior Paris Fashion Week show on Tuesday.

Tim Blanks, Editor-At-Large of The Business of Fashion, took to Instagram to share a snapshot of Rihanna’s hilariously perplexed reaction to a very personal question. “Boy or Girl? That was the wrong question to ask Rihanna while the boom mikes of the fashion world were eavesdropping over our heads,” he wrote. “But she does make the most radiant expectant mother. A real ray of light on a dark day.”

As you can see, a picture is worth one thousand words:


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We’ve decided this is officially the gold standard response when it comes to questions we don’t want to answer about our pregnancies – preferably while wearing a stunning see-through gown.

What Rihanna did share about her life, though, is that she’s feeling “really great.” “Tired at times, on and off, which I am not used to,” she said in an interview with Extra. “I can fight through any hour of the night, but now it’s, like, putting me down: ‘No, you go to bed right now.’”

The mom-to-be made headlines for a second time that night, when she arrived at the fashion show and swiftly shut down a heckler. “You’re late!” someone called as she walked in. “No sh*t,” Rihanna responded.

The scores are in. Looks like it’s Fashion Week – 0 and Rihanna – 2.

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