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Salmonella: the manufacturer calls back again dog food

The Nutraferm Petfood GmbH from Vechta (lower Saxony) has started a recall for the article “chicken necks” in a 100-gram bag. According to the company, in the dog food Salmonella were detected. These bacteria can affect both the health of humans as well as animals.

As the retail company Edeka reported on its website, the Nutraferm Petfood GmbH from lower Saxony, Vechta to the article “chicken necks” in the 100g bag with the name with the EDEKA on the back of the Packaging printed with the date of minimum durability 21.11.21 and the batch number in 2005.

Predominantly in the market of buying and Edeka offered

“In the context of an investigation, it was detected Salmonella in a sample of this article,” writes the company. The product has already been withdrawn from the market. According to the figures of affected dogs-Snack was offered to “EDEKA chicken necks” mainly in the market of buying and Edeka. Customers who have purchased the affected item, without the submission of the receipt for a refund of the purchase price in your shopping sites.

The Nutraferm Petfood GmbH was already established in the past year, a number of dog food varieties due to Salmonella, among other things, also “EDEKA chicken necks”.

Health risk for humans and animals


Salmonella are bacteria that represent both people and for animals a significant health risk. You can lead to salmonellosis. In dogs people puppies and young dogs are, according to the subject particularly vulnerable.

“Most latent infections are observed under the influence of favourable factors can also cause diarrhea, vomiting and fever,” explains the Austrian Agency for health and food safety (AGES) on your website.

A potential danger posed by the dog snacks can also be made for humans, because the bacteria “living in the household of small children and the elderly and people with weakened immune system” pose a significant risk of infection, such as the lower Saxony state office for consumer protection and food safety (Laves) writes.

In humans, a typical Salmonella infection are Nausea, possibly vomiting, abdominal pain, fever, and diarrhea is expressed. These symptoms may last for several days, explained the Federal office for consumer protection and food safety (BVL) on its website.

Anyone who has bought the affected product, and such develops symptoms, you should consult a Doctor, or a doctor, and to the Salmonella-suspect clues. (ad)

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