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The perfect diet by means of the urine test find

Unique as a fingerprint, a new urine test provides an overall impression of the food habits of a Person. The Test can reveal individual Strengths and weaknesses in the diet.

Researchers from the Imperial College London presented recently, a urine test that is able to assess the diet of a person. The Test measures the content of 46 various so-called metabolites in the urine. Metabolites are intermediate products of metabolism, which allow to draw conclusions on the diet. The results of the study were recently presented in the journal “Nature Food”.

Effect of diet yet difficult to measure


“The diet is a key factor for the health of the people, although it is a measure known to be difficult to say exactly because it depends on the ability of Individuals to remember what and how much he has eaten,” says study author Dr. Joram Posma. Often the reports do not correspond to exactly what and how much is actually eaten was.

Metabolites do not lie

The measured metabolites are considered to be an objective indicator of the quality of the food, because of certain metabolites occur only when certain foods are digested in the body. “This technology helps to provide detailed information about the quality of the diet of a Person and whether it is the right kind of diet for your individual biological composition,” explains nutrition researcher.

The Test also measures alcohol and meat consumption


In the context of the study, the Test was tested of 1,848 people in the United States. The results show a connection between the 46 metabolites in the urine and the types of food or nutrients which were consumed by the people. Certain metabolites correlate with the consumption of alcohol, while others are associated with the consumption of citrus fruits, fructose, glucose and Vitamin C in combination.

The Team also found metabolites in the urine, which are associated with the consumption of red meat, other meats such as chicken and nutrients such as calcium in combination. Some of the metabolites even provide information on health conditions, such as high blood pressure.

Interaction between nutrition and health

“By careful measurement of the dietary habits of the people and Collecting their urine from the patient, we were able to establish correlations between food intake and Urine collection of metabolites, which may contribute to a better understanding of the impact of our diet on health,” concludes study co-author Professor Paul Elliott.

It, the study showed that healthy diets are associated with Patterns of metabolites in the urine indicate healthy conditions, whereas an unhealthy diet led to Patterns of metabolites that are associated with painful conditions.

Simple Precision Nutrition

The Test can be used by medical personnel to assess within five minutes of the eating habits of a Person. As a result of which that person too much, or eats too little. On the basis of the Tests can be done quickly an individual consultation to a healthy diet.

Why nutrition recommendations are not flat can be

“Here we show how different people metabolize the same food in a very individual way,” adds Professor John Mathers from the research team. This had an impact on both the understanding of diet-related diseases, as well as on individual nutrition consultations for the improvement of health. (vb)

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