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Diplomatic debacle threatens: U.S. and China to deliver power struggle in the UN security Council

11.01 am: the power struggles between the United States and China in the Corona-crisis will bring on the UN security Council to the brink of a diplomatic debacle. The United States appealed on Friday (local time), according to diplomats, opposition to a laboriously negotiated compromise for a Covid-19-Resolution. The Text is primarily intended to support the already six-week-old claim by UN Secretary-General, António Guterres after a global lull in the pandemic.

If the UN’s most powerful body failed to agree on a common stance in the face of the greatest threat to the present, this would be the view of members of the Council a "Schande".

The United States want the WHO – the President, Donald Trump subservience to China accuses’t see mentioned in the France and Tunisia elaborated Text. In the preliminary failure of the design, which is present the German press Agency, is instead of "specialized Gesundheitsorganisationen" spoken.

This is not enough for the United States, obviously, although they had signaled according to the diplomat first of all, consent. While they had been in the negotiations in a constructive manner, be "the people’s Republic of China decided to benutzen&quot this for false statements about their combat Covid-19-outbreak in Wuhan;, an employee of the U.S. Department of state on request.

Laschet calls for opening of borders

09.42 PM: North Rhine-Westphalia’s Prime Minister Armin Laschet (CDU) raised in the debate on the Corona-related border closures, the pressure on the Federal interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU). "We urgently need an Opening of the border to Frankreich", the CDU Deputy of the &quot said;Stuttgart Zeitung" and the "Stuttgart Nachrichten" (Saturday editions). "There, the Lockdown ends at 11. May – this would be a good time for our neighbours to signal that we want a common European response in the pandemic fight."

08.01 PM: Saxony-Anhalt’s Prime Minister Reiner Haseloff (CDU) wants the loosening of the Corona-restrictions in his state, if necessary, earlier, to turn back, as it was the agreement between the Federal government and the EU countries. "We are as much pre-cautious, as it is the Federal government supposed to meet hat", Haseloff said the "Tagesspiegel" (Saturday). German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) and the country leaders had agreed relaxations to withdraw, if within seven days, in a County of more than 50 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants occur.

"I think an earlier to React in the case of locally progressive infection numbers for urgent geboten", Haseloff said the newspaper. "Thus, in the first of a second wave may occur." In spite of the many different announcements in the countries of the head of government stressed that Federal and state regulations still "to 90 percent in a common corridor unterwegs" be.

The infection happen in Saxony-Anhalt is relatively low, in the country, with almost 2.2 million inhabitants, the number of registered new infections, was most recently a day in the low double-digit range. From the agreed rate, the country is far away. Not even hall, the County with the most infections in the country, reached the quota last approximately.

Halle’s mayor Bernd Wiegand (independent) announced on Wednesday for his city, a limit of 35 new infections per week and per 100,000 inhabitants. This number was in the last weeks of the peak value. Also, Magdeburg, Germany would intervene early, said mayor Lutz Trümper (SPD). "But not, we cripple the entire city." Indeed, it should be locally decided, as the Situation contained could be.

Japan eases Test rules for the Coronavirus

07.53 PM: After criticism, wants Japan to be a procedure for Coronavirus-Tests improve. In addition to a decided easing of the criteria for such Tests the government is planning in the coming week the approval of test kits, with which the antigens of the novel Coronavirus could be in 15 to 30 minutes, as the Japanese news Agency Kyodo reported on Saturday. Antigen Tests are often used in influenza studies.

Meanwhile, easing of the Japanese government, their policies for Corona Tests: The strict rule that only people were allowed on the pathogen to get a test at least four days a 37.5 degree fever, was abolished.

This criterion was met with heavy criticism, as this led to many potential Corona have not been tested patients. Although it is in Japan, where up to 31. May the state of emergency applies, no explosion-like increase in Corona infections. But is accused by the government, to much less testing than other countries. According to the new guidelines now anyone who complains about difficulty in breathing, severe exhaustion or high fever should report to, in the case of a local Health centre. Only Doctors in designated medical institutions can decide whether someone should be tested for the novel Coronavirus or not.

Overall, Japan is, so far, more than 16 300 cases of infection and 621 Deaths, as the Japanese television station NHK reported on Saturday. Including 712 Infected and 13 deaths among people who had were on a cruise ship. The Trend of new infections shows according to official information, in the meantime, down.

A study from Hong Kong: drug Cocktail to patients

07.46 PM: scientists in Hong Kong have a successful treatment for the novel Coronavirus with a Cocktail of three drugs reported. It was shown that the combination of the different active substances in patients with a mild to moderate course of the disease reduces the number of viruses in the body quickly, wrote the microbiologist Kwok-Yung Yuen in the in the journal "The Lancet" the published study. It had to be investigated whether this patient was in seriously ill Corona of the case.

In the study, 127 Corona were involved-Infected in six different hospitals in Hong Kong. 86 of them were given the antiviral drug Cocktail consisting of the for the treatment of Multiple sclerosis appropriations Interferon beta-1b, the anti-HIV drug used in the combination of Lopinavir/Ritonavir, as well as the Hepatitis drug Ribavirin. The rest of the study participants received only the HIV drugs Lopinavir/Ritonavir. The treatment began an average of five days after the patient’s first symptoms of a Covid-19 showed disease.

In the case of the drug-combination-treated study participants, the Tests were on the Coronavirus in the average, after seven days of negative. In the control group this took, according to the study, an average of twelve days. The symptoms of the disease disappeared with the help of drug Cocktails already in the intersection, after four days, twice as fast as the rest of the patients.

The study will deliver "earlier but wichtige" Findings, the authors wrote. They suggested further clinical Tests and in particular, the means of Interferon beta-could 1b be combined with another active ingredient.

Vaccine against Coronavirus: "Are now in the position to starten&quot a Phase I clinical trial;

07.42 PM: Marburg virologists are preparing, together with Colleagues the next step in the search for a vaccine against the Coronavirus before. "We are now in the Phase that we have financially and logistically everything together to starten&quot the clinical Phase I;, Stephan Becker, Director of the Institute for Virology at the University of Marburg, the German press Agency said. Becker and his Team are involved in the development of a vaccine and have been working at the German centre for infection research with other scientists.

The approach: make use of already existing building blocks, so-called vaccine platforms, to reach as quickly as possible a candidate against the pathogen of Sars-CoV-2 to.

"We have not, we are no longer on the topic of pandemic, or outbreaks of new viruses vorbereitet", the virologist says. "We have focused in the last years of our work Together, we can really be fast in the production of a vaccine. We also have the impression that we are fast." However, "In the public perception, that’s not all fast enough. But it can’t be helped, vaccines, simply need your time and I’m not ready to press for security measures." Becker had already explained in January that up to the ability of a new vaccine a year and a half could pass.

The development of a vaccine need a certain amount of time, because the course in stages, emphasizes the expert. "These phases can not be arbitrarily shortened." In Phase I of the clinical trial is all about, with a few healthy volunteers, the tolerability of a drug to ensure. A Mainz-based company has been testing since the end of April, a drug candidate in the context of a phases I/II study.

That researchers and companies to participate in the world of search, holds the Marburg scientists Becker for important: "We need a relatively large number of vaccine approaches and candidates, and then those fish out the best." After the first clinical Tests of a whole series would be eliminated. A number of candidates are not important, because a manufacturer would have sufficient capacity for the required quantities.

Report on the Coronavirus: the UK plans to Quarantine requirement for Passengers

Saturday, 9. May, 7.40 PM: the UK is planning, according to media reports, the introduction of a two-week mandatory Quarantine for Travellers from abroad. Of the measure, except for people who come from the neighboring country of Ireland to the United Kingdom to be only, as the newspaper "The Times" on Saturday reported. According to the BBC, the mandatory Quarantine is to occur at the end of may.

The "Times"-According to a report, Prime Minister Boris Johnson will announce mandatory Quarantine at the launch of a roadmap for loosening of the Corona-restrictions on Sunday officially. Enforced mandatory Quarantine should be thus, by sampling. Also, money threaten roads of up to 1000 pounds (1100 euros), as well as the deportation.

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