Person is completely healthy – first-Coronavirus-Patient clinic of Munich dismissed

The Coronavirus has already claimed more than 1300 Dead. More than 48,000 diseases are known. Also in Germany there are already four of the ten Infected. All of the new developments to the Virus you find in the News Ticker of FOCUS Online.

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  • Bavaria switches Hotline for concerned citizens – number is: 09131/6808 5101

Patient from hospital

Just was informed that a Coronavirus infected Patient from the clinic in Munich-Schwabing was dismissed. "12. February has dismissed the Munich, clinic Schwabing for the first time, a Coronavirus case. The Person is completely healthy, no longer infectious and meets all the state office for health and food safety (LGL), in close coordination with the attending Physicians, and a scientific panel of experts discussed discharge criteria – including several negative Tests for the Coronavirus. All in Munich, clinic Schwabing, to the clinical Monitoring with appropriate Isolation of the remaining eight patients are clinically stable and look on the basis of the new criteria, is also a foreseeable dismissal entgegen", informed the hospital.


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