Paulina Porizkova, 56, Shows Exactly What Celebrities Mean When They ‘Do Pilates’ In New Workout Video

  • Supermodel Paulina Porizkova, 56, gave a behind-the-scenes look at her Pilates practice in a new Instagram post.
  • She has opened up about embracing a healthier lifestyle in her 40s and how much it’s changed her mind and body.
  • Paulina shows off her strength moving gracefully through a series of difficult Pilates moves on the reformer and cadillac machines.

So many celebrities swear by Pilates to stay fit (there’s Kate Hudson, Jenna Dewan, Lady Gaga, and tons more). But saying you do Pilates is kinda vague, given that there are so many ways to tackle this super popular, and effective, exercise. Well, Paulina Porizkova just shared some detailed info—with a video!—on Instagram of exactly what celebrities mean when they say they “do Pilates.” (Spoiler: It’s in-tense.)

“At 56, staying in shape takes work!” she wrote in the caption, before noting that she tries to exercise at least three to five days a week. And then the supermodel got super relatable.

“I frickin hate it. I don’t like to sweat and huff and puff and hurt,” she said. “If sitting on a couch, eating cake, drinking wine and reading did the same for me as exercise, there would be no contest.”

But, Paulina continued, “I have come to find out that ‘working out’ is that perfect little pill everyone is looking for. It makes you feel good, look good, good for your brain and body—a small miracle that has to be paid of [sic] by a little discomfort.”

Paulina said that her “favorite teacher” and “the woman responsible for the body I’m proud of” Nofar Hagag, founder of the Nofar Method, just opened a new studio in Manhattan. “Guess who’s back?😁😁😁💪💪💪” she wrote.

The video features Paulina running through a series of exercises, including the Nofar Method’s “100” and various core work and total body moves on a Pilates reformer machine, under phrases like “not so bad…yet.” At one point, Paulina does some kind of intense-looking inverted leg-cycling move under the words, “Cardio! And abs! And glutes!”

Then there’s Paulina doing side plank crunches with her legs hanging from the ceiling in an exercise band like it’s NBD, followed by a shot of her (and the entire class) letting her legs swing gently from side to side under the words “And relax…for a moment.” Whew!

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People were blown away in the comments, and SAME. “Oh my God, fifty-six?! Incredible 🔥🔥🔥,” one person wrote. “Truth? I’d be in the ER after this workout. Kudos! 👏,” someone else said.

Paulina has been open about the fact that she didn’t start leading a healthy lifestyle until she was older. She told Elle that she didn’t start working out until she was 40. Before then, she leaned heavily on “cigarettes and poor nutrition.”

It wasn’t until she went on Dancing with the Stars in 2007 that she realized how great working out made her feel. “I started exercising to help with my panic attacks and to get off antidepressants,” she said. “I found out if I worked out every day my anxiety was kept a lot at bay. And I felt better.”

In addition to crushing Pilates workouts on the regular, Paulina says she does dancing, boxing, and rowing. Overall, she told Elle, exercise has “become something that’s like brushing my teeth. It’s something I have to do.”

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