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ACE and Ibuprofen together take

The active ingredient acetylsalicylic acid (Asa), as a drug including Aspirin, is used not only for headaches, but to also inhibit blood clotting. The one who takes the means for the latter reason, you do not necessarily should be careful not to swallow it at the same time with Ibuprofen.

Millions of people take daily anticoagulant. The so-called “blood thinners” are used, “the risk for cardiovascular reduce disease caused by blood clots. This includes heart attacks, strokes, and venous thrombosis”, explains the Institute for quality and efficiency in health care (IQWIG) on the Portal “”. Also acetylsalicylic acid (Asa) inhibits the clotting of blood and is swallowed, therefore, by many people on a regular basis. The concurrent intake of Ibuprofen may be in these individuals is problematic.

Risk through long-term taking

As the ABDA – Federal Union of German associations of Pharmacists e. V. in a recent communication, writes, help-the-counter pain relievers reliably if they are properly taken. “Over-the-counter does not mean harmless. Ask your pharmacist what you should take note,“ advises Thomas Benkert, Vice-President of the Federal chamber of pharmacists.

Pain relievers with the ingredients acetylsalicylic acid (Asa), Ibuprofen, Diclofenac, Naproxen, and Acetaminophen are available in pharmacies without prescription available. The single – and days are the maximum doses depending on the active ingredient different.

“Head pain relievers are not as harmless as it is in the advertising is always shown,” said Benkert. Such preparations should not be taken without medical advice more often than a maximum of ten times in the month and not longer than three days in a row.

Because in the case of excessive or long-term taking these medicines can cause Continuous headache, liver or kidney damage.

To not always drugs

The frequent or daily intake can patients with headache and patients lead already after four weeks, but often only after years of drug-induced Permanent headache.

Especially preparations containing more than one active ingredient, are, according to the experts in the discussion, is more likely to create a false use. More important than the composition of the preparations, the frequency of their use and their dosage is.

In addition, it is not advisable to put in headache only on medication. Finally, natural home remedies for headaches are often much more effective.

On a temporal distance

Many people take a daily aspirin in low doses as a preventive measure to inhibit blood clotting. The one who takes the pain sporadically in addition to Ibuprofen, you should definitely pay attention to a time interval:

ACE take either half an hour before or eight hours after Ibuprofen. Because, in the case of concurrent intake of Ibuprofen may inhibit the action of ACE.

“The Trick with the time interval does not work but, if you are taking an ACE-preparation that dissolves only after the gastric passage. Therefore, the patient, the small amounts of ACE in the duration of therapy need not necessarily in the pharmacy advice should be,“ says Benkert. (ad)

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