Padma Lakshmi Reflects on Late Endometriosis Diagnosis: 'I Lost a Week of My Life Every Month'

She also opened up about inspiration behind her upcoming Hulu original travel series Taste the Nation, premiering on June 19.

"I was always self-referring to my own immigrant story, and I kind of got sick of talking about myself. I started trying to find and understand the stories of other immigrants, to prove my political points," she explained. "Taste the Nation is about exploring American food and how it evolves, and using food to get into a community. Because for so many of us in America, other people are deciding our narrative. Other people are telling our story in a more amplified way than we’re able to because we all don’t have access to that megaphone."

These are lessons Lakshmi also hopes to pass down to her 10-year-old daughter, Krishna.

"I’m trying to think through the practice of cooking with Krishna. I want to pass down more than just heritage and culture — also how to live ethically, and be kind and fair and detail-oriented," she said. "There are metaphors for life that you can find in the act of cooking."

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