My day on a plate: Eleanor Lyons

Soprano Eleanor Lyons, 34, shares her day on a plate.

Eleanor Lyons stars in Don Giovanni.

5am A green tea. I try not to eat after evening shows and usually end up very hungry the next morning.

8.30am Singing takes a lot of physical energy, so breakfast is important. Today I’m having a blueberry, kiwi fruit and mango fruit salad with natural yoghurt. Another green tea.

9.30am A flat white.

11.30am A mid-rehearsal snack of rye bread, mashed avocado and feta with lemon juice, olive oil, salt and mixed-colour pepper, including pink pepper berries.

2pm An ouzo, ice and water with some peanuts.

6.30pm With tonight’s rehearsals tonight open to the public, I have a big meal before I perform so I don’t run out of steam halfway through: lamb cutlets with roast potatoes, mashed peas and an eggplant salad.

10.30pm A glass of fizz with friends and family.

Dr Joanna McMillan says …

Top marks for … All your meals! Your fruit gives you a vitamin C and antioxidant boost, plus calcium, protein and low-GI carbs to set you up for the day. Rye bread is excellent for gut health, both the avocado and olive oil contain super-healthy fats, while dinner gives you iron from the lamb and some important vegies.

If you keep eating like this you’ll … Likely meet your requirements for vitamins and minerals, but fall short on antioxidants and other protective compounds derived from plant foods. Dinner was your only meal with vegies and had no leafy greens, while your only wholegrain – a vital fibre source for a healthy gut microbiome – was the rye bread, making it difficult to meet the recommended 48 grams a day.

Why don’t you try … Adding muesli to your breakfast for a wholegrain boost and some spinach or a salad to your avo and bread. You could also whip up a smoothie with mostly vegies (spinach, cucumber, celery) and a little fruit (apple or pineapple).

Eleanor Lyons stars in Don Giovanni, which opens on January 24 at the Sydney Opera House.

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