More messages about drug risks than ever before

Pharmacies were reported by 2019, more quality defects, and side effects of drugs than ever before. The drug Commission of the German pharmacists (AMK) informed. The AMK received 10.782 spontaneous reports from 5.274 different pharmacies. "The pharmacists, together with the AMK, which makes an important contribution to increasing the safety of medical treatment so that the Patientensicherheit", Prof. Dr Martin Schulz, Chairman of the AMK says.

To received reports of Suspected quality defects in medicinal products around 7,700 messages. They were related to packing errors, defects in the dosage form, or mechanical Defects such as not functioning of Insulin. Nearly 3,000 messages were received to side effects or adverse drug reactions (ADRs), of which approximately 1,100 were due to their classification of the type or Severity of an urgent need for urgency. In order for the messages to ADRs accounted for around 29 percent of all reports. 7 percent of the UAW-messages were reported in connection with a drug substitution, i.e. the replacement of the prescribed drug, for example, by a discount drugs of the corresponding health insurance company.

The AMK peer-reviewed in addition, about 1,600 sent in pattern. About one-fifth of the sample, the AMK has not prompted an additional study in the Central laboratory of German pharmacists, e. V., The AMK only accepts messages from pharmacies, but informs also about the risks of Medicinal products and measures for their defense. In the year 2019, it published a total of 329 messages, and 40 Red-Hand – and information letters as well as 26 comments.


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