Masks-Not! Germany could still be months from air bridge to China depending on the

When will there be enough medical protection of equipment against Corona infections in Germany? The supply of masks is to start by using an “air bridge” this week to travel. The production of high-quality masks in Germany to promote the German government, also, but here, too, a bottleneck needs to be overcome.

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The Federal government wants to promote with 40 million euros in the local production of medical protective masks against the Coronavirus. The German industry is capable of, is likely to take months. This is according to "Süddeutscher Zeitung", NDR and WDR from a government document. Thus, there is a bottleneck in the production of non-woven fabric.

In a Memorandum about a meeting of Chancellor Angela Merkel with the Corona-the Cabinet on Monday of this week, it is, for medical protective masks non-woven fabric is as the “heart” is necessary, the will is made in the “Meltblown process”. Meltblown non-woven fabrics, which are used in the mask as a Filter, are made of many layers of fine fibers, the filters even the smallest particles from the flow of the breathing air-reliably out. Such filters are used in FFP2 and FFP3 masks, as they are needed especially in hospitals, doctor’s offices and other health care facilities urgently.

40 million euros for non-woven producers

The Federal government now wants to bring German Meltblown nonwoven producers with funding in the amount of EUR 40 million, and their production expand. In the meeting notice of the Corona Cabinet, however, the establishment of an appropriate machinery to take three to four months. It can be concluded that Germany is likely to be in protective masks good quality, longer deliveries from China-dependent.

The Federal government has set, according to the notice of the Corona-Cabinet on “long-term contracts with companies that expand against the assurance of certain quantities and prices, the production of masks” in Germany quickly or re-record. This requires, in turn, sufficiently non-woven fabric, so that according to remark “the dependency from third countries is shifting now to this pre-product”.

The state is trying, meanwhile, the supply of new masks from abroad to hedge. Now is also a kind of &quot to;Luftbrücke" the major country of production China ensure that there are no Transport bottlenecks after Germany.

How does the "Luftbrücke" from?

The aim is to respond flexibly to the flows of goods and to bring new Material, regardless of the current Charter market after Germany. There is now a cooperation with Lufthansa. Which makes it possible, a daily passenger machine for about 25 tons of cargo to Shanghai to send, such as the Ministry of health explained. This meant that the TÜV Nord supplies checks on quality. The aim of the largest German airport in Frankfurt it is then. Added to this are the Transport options via the Ministry of defence, which has secured by contract a certain capacity. By the 23 may. to 28. April flights with Antonov-large machines are provided if required and if commercial solutions are not sufficient.

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What is the current situation with supplies?

The Central procurement takes more travel. In this week’s 40 million protective masks to come together – as much as in the previous two weeks. It was progress, "but not so, as we it us wünschen", Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) said on Monday. Doctors, care and facilities for the disabled should really be properly equipped and not to live only from day to day. The Situation of the practices have improved a little, said physicians-in-chief Andreas streets on Wednesday. And Have apart hardware but far. In addition, the facilities Fund, medical associations and countries to buy themselves.

Why is procurement so difficult?

The market is fiercely competitive in the face of the global virus crisis – all want the same important materials. The prices went up and down like in the gold market, described it recently, the Minister of health, Jens Spahn (CDU). Mass-produced goods, such as masks to be it, I have tasted 6 or 17 Cents, the piece will now go on to talk for medical masks three to six euros. Also critical purchasing and delivery conditions, such as a Ministry, gave the report. Would offer counterfeits or products that deviate from agreed Standards. Providers could dictate terms of payment. Also when shipping to Germany it will give problems.

What is the role of China?

In China, where the spread of the Coronavirus began, is located the majority of the global protective mask production. The local procurement show now but "in the short term, Wirkung", the report of the Ministry of health. They allow access to very large capacity of about 1000 manufacturers that could deliver conforming goods. After a phone call with Merkel, with President Xi Jinping and follow-up discussions with the trade Ministry in early April, it had become also a direct access to a state-owned producers is possible, the promise of more quality and security of supply.

What’s next?

The Federal government is not the fact that there is only a short need for more protective masks, and co., but still for many months and in high millions-quantities. The expected increase in the number of seriously ill Corona-patients in the ICU is probably only. Also in the case of scenarios for an easing of the massive Corona of the restrictions for citizens and the economy masks may play a role. In addition to the procurement the Federal government wants to give as incentives to domestic production of masks and intermediate products, such as non-woven build materials. Grants are provided for purchase guarantees, and investment, when companies change their production.

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