Malia Obama Had a Brilliant Plan For Getting What She Wanted from Her Dad & Now We’re Watching Our Teens Closely

No one has the former leader of the free world wrapped around her finger like Malia Obama. In a recent appearance on We Can Do Hard Things, Michelle Obama explained to host Glennon Doyle that her firstborn Malia, now 24, always knew how to get what she wanted from her dad.

As a teenager, when she wanted to go out on the weekend, she would give her dad 15 minutes of her attention. By the time her mental timer had gone off, she would have it in the bag.

“She would go into a treaty room in the White House and she’d ask him, ‘So tell me about Syria’ and ‘Whoa, I saw that you gave a speech on blah, blah, blah,’” Michelle said. “She’d just go in and he’d come out with his chest pumped up.”

The former first lady would then have to burst her husband’s bubble. She would ask if he knew where his daughter was going this weekend, and he would realize he hadn’t even asked.

Well played, Malia. Well played. We are going to have to keep an eye out for that one.

“[I’d say], ‘That’s some jiujitsu on you because you were so thrilled with the fact that she took interest in your presidency that you don’t even know what she’s doing,’” Michelle said. 

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