Madonna Celebrated Pride With Bright Blue Hair

Pride events are among the most colorful parades and parties of the year, so it would only make sense for a longtime ally and icon, Madonna, to try out one of her most colorful beauty looks ever to be the headliner at one of the New York City's most exciting Pride Week parties.

She may be known for her Blonde Ambition, but when it came to celebrating Pride at the Standard High Line's party in the famous Boom Boom Room, well — don't it make her blonde hair blue? The Material Girl showed up on Thursday night wearing a vibrant, cerulean, choppy bob. The new hairstyle and color somehow managed to remain the focal point of her look despite an outfit consisting of a see-through, black, fishnet body suit, a black miniskirt and harness, an open-cut hot-pink bra, and fingerless opera gloves to match. 

In addition to berry-hued lipstick, black, winged lined, and a French manicure with multicolor tips, Madonna was seen wearing a completely different hairstyle throughout the party, at which she raised $150,000 for Ali Forney Center through a Polaroid auction. She switched from the blue bob to a swoopy, pink lob with baby bangs. Both looks can be seen in the carousel of photos she posted to Instagram on Saturday.

The blue and pink hairstyles could also be seen in a three-minute video Madonna posted to Instagram with the title "This Video Was Made for Pride." The suggestive, quick-cut clip encourages viewers to resist, rebel, and be themselves.

Although the hairstyles are both very likely wigs, we're hoping she keeps the colorful looks in rotation alongside her usual blonde.

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