Kristen Bell’s Daughter Lincoln Gave Her a ‘Revolting’ Present & It’s So On-Brand for the Family

Being a parent exposes you to a lot of disgusting things. Boogers on your shirt, vomit in your hair, poop on the walls — and sometimes all before 8 a.m.! But Kristen Bell’s eldest daughter Lincoln, 9, who she shares with husband Dax Shepard, gave her a present that was truly “revolting,” and the video was not made for weak stomachs!

“Look how sweet my family is,” the Frozen star said in a new video on Instagram before reading the note Lincoln wrote to her.

“Dear mom, me and dad went fishing in the shower drain, and dad caught a fish and I caught minnow!” Bell reads. “I know you love fish, so me and dad are going to hand them over to you.”

When Bell finishes reading the note, she moves the camera to reveal the “fish” in the sink: two gigantic hairballs. “Absolutely revolting,” Bell says, while zooming in on the disgustingly matted hair brought up from the shower drain. We’ve seen some vile things in our time, but this is hard to look at without gagging!

“How generous,” she captioned the video.

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So many women commented to commiserate with Bell.

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