John Lydon: Sex Pistols frontman shares details on wife’s dementia – ‘It came on so quick’

John Lydon discusses his wife's battle with dementia on GMB

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Having penned the book I Could Be Wrong, I Could Be Right, John Lydon shares his innermost thoughts on the ways of the world. Meanwhile, the lyricist is dealing with dementia. He himself doesn’t suffer from the debilitating brain disease, but his beloved wife, Nora, does. As a full-time carer for 78-year-old Nora, John spoke candidly about the disease on ITV’s Good Morning Britain.

“It came on really strong and really quick,” the 65-year-old stated.

“And you’re asked questions, of course, by the doctors, ‘When did the symptoms first start?’

“Well, I really don’t know – as I told the last doctor, she’s always been able to lose her keys. Are these indicators?”

John explained that the disease causes Nora to “loose connections”.

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Sometimes his wife of 45 years “can’t verbalise” what it is that she feels.

“Sometimes her memory is lethal,” John stressed. “She can go back 20 years and remember – in the greatest detail – with complete accuracy.”

John described this ability as “fascinating”. “For me, it’s journey I have to travel on,” the performer insisted.

“I’m not going to abandon her,” the devoted husband continued.

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“I can still see in her, her personality; it still exists,” John said.

“It’s just confused on how to express itself,” the singer explained.

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