It's Official, There Are Specific Features People Are Attracted To

Sure, you may have an adorable meet cute story where you met your significant other via a funny conversation at the coffeeshop, but to be honest, humans don’t always put personality first and are still pretty superficial when it comes to chemistry. What we’re trying to say is, most people find others attractive based on looks first (which makes sense, because we’ve become so wired to find partners and flings by swiping through dating apps). We didn’t make up this info — these statistics are coming straight from surveying other humans on their preferences in a potential mate.

The stats seems to prove that many people find the same traits and features in another person attractive because, of the facts of evolution. But in reality, it’s also true that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and what anyone can find attractive is totally subjective — so we’re taking all of these findings with a grain of salt.

Here are five top features on a person that are most likely to be noticed first and create instant chemistry.


You can tell a lot by someone’s smile, and it turns out that it’s a very important and impressionable feature for people when they’re first meeting someone else. In an American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry survey, 48 percent of people ranked a smile as the most memorable feature upon meeting someone. This option surpassed what a person was wearing and what the other person smelled like as a first impression (not that you should not pay attention to how you smell on a first date!).


Along with smile, lips are another top feature that potential partners pay attention to when they meet someone new, understandably. 2018 research states that people of all genders appreciate full, “pouty” lips. In people identifying as female specifically, fuller lips compared to the width of the face are considered especially attractive.

The research makes sense, because people who are meeting you in a romantic setting might be paying special attention to the lips and imagining what it might be like to kiss you.

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