Here's What a Week on the Carnivore Diet Did to This Bodybuilder

YouTuber Will Tennyson is no stranger to trying the latest workouts and diet crazes, and this week is no exception. In his latest video, the bodybuilder decides to test out a new challenge: the Carnivore Diet.

Inspired by Joe Rogan’s podcast episodes with Shawn Baker (the author of the Carnivore Diet) and Jordan Peterson, Tennyson decided that for seven days, he would willingly give up eating carbs, fruits, and veggies in favor of a strictly animal diet with very little dairy mixed into it. He wanted to see whether the diet would affect weight loss, his moods, and his blood sugar regulation.

On day one, Tennyson is prepared to get into the diet, starting off with a 14oz. flank steak for breakfast and one slight hiccup. “I significantly undercooked that steak,” he jokes. “It was significantly mooing going down my throat.” Despite the initial setback, he continues to trek on with his challenge, eventually getting through a dinner of a 12oz. beef filet and bacon-wrapped scallops.

Although he initially has a boost of energy, as the week goes on, Tennyson struggles to maintain the energy to head to the gym for his daily workouts, finds himself unusually on edge and easily agitated, and suffers from frequent severe headaches.

“I’ve tried other diets before,” he laments on day four, “but this diet is a whole new ball game. If I wasn’t doing a YouTube video, [there’s] no chance I’d be doing this right now.”

This comes after eating an obscene amount of steaks, ground beef (80/20 instead of his usual extra lean cut), chicken, egg omelets and bone broth, because “it’s the only warm drink I could drink this entire challenge” and “the only thing that has the most resemblance to coffee.”

As the challenge goes on, Tennyson complains of not having something to snack on (“I can’t just go upstairs and grab a bison steak out of the fridge and start eating it as a snack”) and just eating for the sake of survival. He even decides to watch the film My Friend Dahmer, because “I feel like a cannibal this week.”

By day seven, Tennyson’s spirits pick up, he’s actually back to his normal self. But did he see results? Unfortunately, nope. He lost less than one pound from his original weight.

“I don’t know why someone would want to do this diet,” he wonders, “unless someone has serious health conditions where you absolutely need to do it.

“It doesn’t make sense to me. ”

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