‘Healthy bowel movements’ key to alleviating hangovers

Dr Philippa shares tips for preventing hangovers

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One of Claire’s most important tips is to “remove the toxins”.

While drinking alcohol is a popular past time, it is at its heart a toxin which has an impact on the body.

Claire says: “Maintaining healthy bowel movements with plenty of water, a dose of hot water with lemon, juice and fibre is also essential in removing waste substances and toxins from the body.

“Removing these waste products and toxins can help us recover energy and look better from the inside out!”

As well as making sure all one’s bowel movements are in order, Claire also stresses an old friend of hangover prevention, water, can also play a role.

She said: “It’s no secret that one of the main culprits of a hangover is dehydration. Ideally ask for a glass of water after each alcoholic drink!

“Alcohol is a diuretic, meaning our kidneys fail to re-absorb water into the body, causing us to run to the toilet more often than usual. Rather than ordering a sugar ladened cocktail, glass of wine, or rum, an easy way to stay hydrated.”

Alongside drinking water with each alcoholic drink, Claire also recommends the introduction of a vitamin popular at this time of year, vitamin D.

While vitamin D is often associated with a strong immune system, Claire says it can also help with hangovers: “Did you know about the link between Vitamin D and how it helps with the absorption of minerals such as magnesium, that decrease when drinking?

“This makes Vitamin D a great option for hangover prevention.

“Ensuring you have higher levels of Vitamin D within your daily routine, can help sustain your immune system and combat the nasty side effects of a hangover.”

Alongside vitamin D, Claire also recommends zinc as a supplement to take during party season.

Zinc, says the NHS, can help make new cells and enzymes, help the body process carbohydrate, and improves wound healing.

On zinc and hangovers, Claire said: “Zinc plays a pivotal role in ensuring our liver can metabolise alcohol effectively.

“Ensure you are consuming sources of zinc through foods such as, organic, and grass-fed meats and dairy products, wild fish, shellfish, nuts, seeds and free range and organic eggs.

“Also pre-soaking lentils and chickpeas overnight prior to cooking to increase their zinc absorption.”

Claire’s final tip was to make sure one’s blood sugars were all in order.

She wrote: “Consumption of alcohol can send our blood sugar into panic mode, which is why we tend to wake up so early after we’ve been drinking, when our blood sugar comes crashing down.

“It is so important to ensure we consume enough protein during the day, especially if you know you have a night of drinking ahead of you. This can help stabilise blood-sugars.

“Perhaps try to eat a protein rich snack like chicken or Greek yoghurt before you get into bed, rather than something heavy such as chips or toast!”

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