Harald Lesch makes the Corona-fact check and is intended to appeal to spectators

The novel Coronavirus is life changing in Germany and the world fundamentally. In addition to virologists and Infectious disease specialists has been turned on, in the meantime, another luminary of German science in the discussion: Terra-X-legend Harald Lesch.

After he has already dedicated two episodes of “Lesch’s talk on the cosmos” the Virus, there was on Tuesday evening a Sonderausabe: “Lesch’s talk on the cosmos: Corona – What the science says?”. To do this, Lesch invited virologists Ulrike Protzer from the Technical University of Munich, and Jan Felix Drexler of the Charité hospital in Berlin in his mission, and made with you the fact check.

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Why is Sars-CoV-2 more aggressive than Sars?

Among other things, he clarified with the experts, the question of why the new Virus is much more aggressive than the Sars Coronavirus which struck in 2003, the world. The paths of Infection, for example, be in the case of both viruses in a similar way: by droplet or smear infection. Both corona virus, take the path to the lungs in order to reproduce in the lung cells. To do this, you use the so-called ACE2-receptors in lung cells in particularly high numbers.

The novel Coronavirus propagated in contrast to the old, however, already in the nose and throat, although there are fewer of these receptors are present. Scientists assume, therefore, that it be able to use them better. This means that The routes of Transmission of the novel Coronavirus are shorter and thus more effective – and could be the key to his success.

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Coronaviruses are not new, however, we are available to the new Virus "jungfräulich" to

“We are facing the Virus of a virgin,” explains Harald Lesch. And, although corona viruses are not unknown. On the question of the possible basic immunity against Jan Felix Drexler of the Charité in Berlin explains: “Against this ever re-occurring corona virus, that is certain.” But one could not assume that that confers immunity against the new corona virus for Sars-CoV-2 was “just too different”.

A great advantage is the reputation of corona viruses have, however: “Many of the drugs we are discussing now, have been at that time viewed, at least in cell culture,” explains Drexler. “The basic principles have already been established.” At the Charité under decades of coronaviruses from bats and was able to decrypt this already in their DNA: “we were able to develop at a much faster test procedure also work for the new Coronavirus. The Test was made before you knew the Virus at all.“

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  • We need vaccines to attain herd immunity

    In the special broadcast, the experts go also to the research into vaccines. Virologist Ulrike Protzer explained that you put the most hopes to isolate proteins from the Virus to restore them in Baker’s yeast or E. coli and can be used as a vaccine insert. Because as a live vaccine, the novel Coronvirus was “too dangerous” and, therefore, rather impossible, to implement. It’s a similar look for the Inactivated vaccine: “This is currently only in the safety laboratory. The amount is not enough for us,“ she explains.

    So that we can survive the pandemic, was the development of a vaccine, but very important. “At the end of 60 to 70 percent of the Germans will be infected,” says Lesch, “And this is not a horror message.” Because infected means also vaccinated. To be the Virus, Mr, would have to infect in Germany, up to 60 million people – the well-known prediction of the experts is.

    The decisive factor is the so-called base reprodutkion number. This shows how many people are infected by a single Infected face. In the case of Sars-CoV-2 of three. In order to reduce this to one or even lower, may not therefore take place two infections. That is to say: Two out of three people in Germany have to be immune. The 66 per cent – which corresponds to the 60 to 70 percent or up to 60 million people, of which people speak.

    In order for the health system comes to a Halt: Need to pandemic delay

    In order for this to our health care system doesn’t bring to a Standstill, it is necessary to delay the pandemic, therefore, “as long as possible” also. This high number is based on scientific knowledge and experience with other infectious diseases and epidemics. It indicates a threshold from which can not spread the Virus further, because people have become immune to it. One then speaks of herd immunity. This can be done by an infection but also by vaccination.

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    Lesch brings to side-swipe against opponents

    “If a Virus is particularly transferable, then you will need a particularly high level of herd immunity,” explains Drexler and refers to the always auflodernde topic of herd immunity against measles, we try in Germany for years, unsuccessfully, to build. In this context, Lesch is a small side blow and sends a “greeting” to opponents: “I would be interested to see how this will go. If we have a vaccine against the Coronavirus, whether also not to vaccinate or whether you say, ‘For God’s sake’.”

    Anyone who wants to protect themselves from the corona virus, but also other infections of the respiratory tract, should adhere to General hygiene rules. These are all respiratory infections the same.

    • Wash hands frequently with soap and water. Anti-microbial additives are usually not necessary. Also, the temperature of the water plays no role.
    • A Minimum Of 20 Seconds Wash Hands.
    • After Washing the hands thoroughly dry.
    • Keep distance to peoplethat sneeze or cough and even disposable handkerchiefs use. After the coughing, Sneezing and blowing your Nose you should wash, also, as soon as possible the hands.

    Summer is not damage to the Virus to stop it but

    The achievement of the herd immunity is an important first step, Drexler explains, however: “We should not assume that we could not infect us again after a few years.” It was clear, however, that we are not able to infect us in the current pandemic, two Times.

    You do not know, so Drexler, the Virus environment is very stable: “UV-radiation and heat will damage these viruses,” he explains, but no all-clear for the summer: “We have so many cases that it is contagions,” he continues and concludes: “It’s not going away, unfortunately.”  

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    “We should never forget”: Lesch is emotional appeal to viewers

    Harald Lesch self-addressed at the end of the show with a strong appeal to his audience:

    “Science and research were never so close. I’m so glad that we can show the charlatans, braggarts, and other science verächtern now the cold shoulder, ignore them. We feel that we can trust in this crisis that is without comparison, which, the idea, the know what they are talking about. We feel that these people are systemically important. Science and research are symstemrelevant. From now on science must belong to the General interest. In the case of an emergency because of the immediate success doesn’t count. Because patience, care and quality. And respect in front of a nature that is much older than we are, and without which we cannot live. We should never forget.“

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