Frustration in Israel Have lost control of pandemic and the United States reported new record high

The Covid-19-pandemic keeps the world in breath. More than 11 million people have been infected with the novel Coronavirus, 196.304 of them in Germany. Over half a Million casualties since the disease Covid-19 already.

The Israeli government had, after the sudden re-infection increase in numbers on Monday, a number of limitations and has, about the closure of Clubs, fitness studios, the prohibition of summer camps for children and cultural events. The number of people in Restaurants, in buses has been limited to 20 and in the synagogues on 19. In addition, the previously leger managed mandatory use of face was confirmed by measurements, the penalties for infringement were to be doubled.

Meanwhile, frustration is growing in Israel. The situation was out of control, writes about the Israeli Professor Eli Waxman to the "Bild"-Newspaper: “We have lost control of the pandemic. It was a mistake to allow larger gatherings of people for social activities – for example, at weddings, Church services, but also in Bars or Restaurants", the physicist from Tel Aviv, who also advises the government. Reuters/Abir Sultan/POOL EPA/AP/dpa With the US representatives have he “on the question of sovereignty is spoken of, we these days work, and we in the coming days to continue to work,” says the head of government Benjamin Netanyahu.

Israeli media accusing the government and the health authorities of negligence in dealing with the pandemic. Previously the impression had passed, the country had responded to Corona in an exemplary and successful. It is not managed effectively, the chains of Infection to interrupt, to test sufficient and correct, and the "social distancing" as well as the Wearing of masks to enforce. The complete Opening of schools in mid-may is much to early, and have contributed to the new outbreak of the Coronavirus, writes Haaretz (Monday). Equally wrong is the decision of the health Minister Yuli had been gemstone to loosen because of the heat wave, the mask is mandatory for students and pupils.

U.S. reported new record high in Coronavirus infections

In the United States, a new record for the reported new infections with the Coronavirus has again been reached. Within 24 hours more 60.209 infection cases were counted as of on Tuesday evening (local time) from Johns Hopkins University published Figures. The total number of infections rose to approximately 2,991 million. In addition, further 1114 deaths were recorded by the infection, bringing the total number of fatalities grew to 131.362. Reuters/Alex Brandon/AP/dpa Donald trump’s niece warns of a second term of office of the US President.

The USA is by far the hardest by the pandemic-affected country in the world. This applies to both the infectious as well as the dead figures. Last ever new record levels had been in the rate of infections recorded. Especially in the South and West of the country the infection to take for a few weeks-through rates significantly.

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