Former model, 55, puts ripped body down to drinking his own wee

At 55, Troy Casey has a six pack those decades younger would be jealous of.

But the former model doesn’t credit a balanced diet or active lifestyle for his ripped physique, but his pee.

Troy, from Arizona, USA, has been drinking his own wee and applying it to his own skin for the last 17 years – even doing week-long urine fasts and putting aged urine enemas in his rectum.

His former life was as a model for top fashion brands like Versace, but he’s now working a Life Coach and Healer, promoting ‘urine therapy’ to clients.

Troy says: ‘Urine therapy is an ancient practice – it just doesn’t get talked about a lot. Your own pee is full of amino acids, stem cells and antibodies.

‘I drink my own urine every morning – I call it hair of the dog! The feeling is electric.’

He says ‘applying aged urine is the fountain of youth’, adding, ‘aged urine enemas are one of the ways I got my stomach so flat.’

Despite Troy almost being eligible for a bus pass, people rarely believe him when they hear he’s 55, something he puts down to his unique habit.

To those who aren’t convinced, he says: ‘People should be scared if they’re eating sh*tty food and doing pharmaceutical drugs. Why should they be scared to try their own urine?’

Troy – who penned a book on the health secrets behind his good looks called Ripped at 50: A Journey to Self Love – says he wasn’t always so healthy.

He explains: ‘When I started modelling in my twenties, I was living the high life, partying in Milan, New York and London and not looking after myself. As a result, I would bloat and hold on to the extra water in my face and body.

‘Sometimes I would be so bloated that casting agents would tell me not to go to Vogue or Armani shoot today. It began affecting my life and so I began reading up on nutrition and practising stuff like herbal medicine, fasting and eating real foods to combat it.

‘Soon after, I started getting results when I looked in the mirror. I became hooked to learning about natural and ancient healing methods and truly understanding health.’

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Troy says he became interested in urine therapy – also known as ‘Shivambu’ in Ayurvedic medicine – in 2004.

He first drank his own pee when he couldn’t be bothered to stop for a toilet trip during a long car journey, but it’s now an important part of his routine.

‘I had read about the benefits of urine therapy in ancient Ayurverdic medicine and the information resonated it,’ says Troy.

‘The first time I tried my own urine, I was driving from San Francisco from Los Angeles. It’s a long five hour drive. I didn’t want to stop to take a leak so I peed in a cup and drank it and I was like “hey that’s not so bad”!

‘Drinking my own urine, it wasn’t as bad as the mental barrier in my own mind. The electricity were so immediate and subtle – I felt a cool buzz. Intuitively, it just felt good. I drank my urine on and off for a while from there.’

After a friend claimed to beat cancer with the help of urine therapy, Troy began exploring other ways to ingest his own pee – doing week-long urine fasts, putting aged urine enemas in his rectum and applying his own wee topically.

The  says the benefits to his health, skin and physique were astonishing.

He recalls: ‘My friend who beat testicular cancer with Shivambu challenged me to a seven-day urine fast where I just drank and looped my own urine for a week.

‘From there, I got into aged urine enemas where I would cultivate my own urine and ferment it in a sealed mason jar for two weeks before transferring into my rectum.

‘Aged urine enemas are so powerful for your health and I got my six pack abs after doing them. It flushed out my gut and that’s when I got really ripped.

‘I also tried applying topical aged urine and what it did for my mood and muscle building was amazing. I put it on my skin especially when I’m on the beach and it’s so electrifying and strengthening.

‘It’s a big psychological leap for people to use their own urine as a moisturiser but it’s so euphoric and anti-aging. Uric acid is used in high-end skincare products.’

This may be Troy’s experience, but it’s worth mentioning that there’s no scientific evidence to suggest any benefits to urine therapy, particularly in relation to life-threatening conditions like cancer.

Urine is a waste product, containing mostly water, urea, and vitamins and minerals the body isn’t able to store.

A hydrated person won’t be harmed by drinking urine, but the Chinese Association of Urine Therapy has warned that drinking it excessively can have negative side effects including diarrhoea, fatigue, fever, and muscle soreness.

Troy – who shares anti-vaccine content to his 121,000 Instagram followers – says he could easily survive and thrive on urine if it came to it.

He explains: ‘If the apocalypse ever happens and we don’t have access to water anymore, I’ve got my urine! I got my own water to drink! I survived on my own pee before and it works.

‘I’m fifty-five years old and look at my vitality, my skin, my body, my health. People are impressed by my physique and energy at my age.’

‘What so many pharmaceutical companies don’t want to tell you is that we as humans are the secret to health. That’s what I try to teach people in everything I do.’

As the ‘Certified Health Nut’, Troy sells eight-week ‘transformation courses’ for $497 (£375). Quite a lot of cash to drink your literal waste, and perhaps a contradiction when it comes to Troy’s ‘holistic’ personal brand, but each to their own.

Always seek advice from a qualified medical practitioner before trying out alternative methods, too. A six pack really isn’t worth making yourself sick.

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