Five exercises that helped Prince Charles defeat coronavirus

The simple five stage fitness routine used by the Canadian Air Force which helped Prince Charles defeat Covid-19

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It is the ultra-simple fitness routine favoured by Royalty: the Canadian Air Force five basic exercises, or 5BX, a full-body workout that needs no special kit and gets the heart racing.

Could it also be just the ticket to get your body fighting fit in the battle against coronavirus? It worked for Prince Charles, above, who is said to do the routine every day.

In March the 71-year-old quickly bounced back after testing positive for Covid-19 – despite his age putting him at high-risk from the disease.

Research has shown that even moderate exercise can have a positive effect on the immune system. It is also thought to speed up the recovery process, if you do get ill with something like Covid-19.

Prince Charles, pictured, was infected by Covid-19 but was soon able to defeat the killer virus

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