Feeling hungry after a heavy dinner? Here’s what you need to know

It has mainly got to do with your blood sugar levels and your hormones.

You had a heavy and a filling meal at night. You thought you will wake up feeling full, but you are suddenly feeling famished and ravenous in the morning. What could be causing this strange but common occurrence?

Many people experience this from time to time, and it makes them want to eat a lot in the morning, even though they had the best and their favourite meal the night before. There is a scientific reason behind this, one that you ought to know.

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It has mainly got to do with your blood sugar levels. When you eat a lot at night, which experts advise against, there is a rise in the blood sugar level. This causes a surge in appetite, and then you end up eating a lot in the morning, too. This can make you feel tired for the rest of the day. When there is a crazy surge in the blood sugar levels, your body sends you all kinds of signals. But then, when the level goes back to normal after some time, you feel excessively hungry and ravenous — making you follow the cycle of eating more.

Studies have been conducted on this subject, and according to one such study published in the journal Nutrients, we don’t really consume a lot of healthy food when we binge-eat. This makes the pancreas produce more insulin than necessary. This, in turn, can make the blood sugar level drop drastically, making you feel famished the next morning.

It can also make you feel excessively thirsty. So, you need to first gulp down glasses of water so your body can replenish itself and not mistake it for hunger.

What else can be done?

If you are having a party at home, or an elaborate feast, it is advisable you do not go to sleep immediately after you have had your food. Let the food be digested before you hit the bed. Ideally a two-hour gap should be there.

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In the morning, after you drink water, a have a healthy breakfast that is rich in proteins and fiber. Have oatmeal, a nice milkshake, or salads that can make you feel full, healthy and hydrated.

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