Everything You Need To Know About Using Moldavite

With Gen-Z taking the crown as the least religious generation (via Pacific Standard), it isn’t surprising to know that spirituality and alternative forms of healing are on the rise, especially in the U.S. We’re now a class of beings who find ourselves exploring the avenues of meditation, astrology, and manifestation. 

Healing crystals also take center stage in our self-care journeys, with the demand for crystals and gemstones steadily increasing (via The Guardian). These stones are now used to project good energy onto their surroundings, borrowing from the ancient concepts of chakra (from Hinduism and Buddhism) and chi (from Chinese cultures).

Certified crystal healer Ashley Leavy explains, “Because of the perfect, stable structure of a crystal, it has a unique vibrational frequency or energetic resonance. By bringing this stable energy frequency into the human energy field (which isn’t always so perfect), the human body and energy field will go through the process of entrainment, mimicking, or matching the perfect energy frequency of the crystal” (via Love & Light).

However, a certain crystal is increasing in popularity — see how you can incorporate moldavite into your life.

Moldavite's powers may transform your life

Moldavite is known to be a high-vibrational tektite (a stone formed from meteorite remains) that can transform your life in the best and worst way (via Happy Soul). For those who are new to the world of crystals, the green stone probably shouldn’t be your first purchase. That would be “like going to the Olympics before you’ve even run 100m,” practicing witch Mariella Bucci tells Cosmopolitan. As a stone that has the energy vibrations to change your life completely, it comes with risks. “It fundamentally depends on how you channel it, so it will go rogue if you do not give it any direction,” Bucci continues.

Posts on TikTok that have 441 million views confirm the popularity of the stone, and all have one bit of advice: don’t get it unless you’re ready to accept all the changes that come with it. Keegan Athens went on to make a TikTok about her experience, which was anything but lucky: in one 24-hour period, she broke up with a significant other, found out she had to move out of her rented home, and heard that a family member died.

However, that hasn’t deterred people from buying the stone. Crystal shops in Chico, California credit TikTok for the uptick in sales of moldavite but also its increase in price (via The Orion). A tiny moldavite earring would cost you about $40 (via Etsy). It clearly can cost you a lot more than that so be brave, stay safe, and keep the receipt handy for a quick return.

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